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Stealth Hunter episode 1

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This is the first legit episode for my series, ENJOY!

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A really impressive first episode! Animation, voicing and musiv, everything is pretty impressive. The story reminds me a bit of The Mortal Instruments and Wanted, but it's not the same at all, just a similar premises. Characters all seem to have distinct personalities, even if they all speak in that faimilar 'tough guy' way. Love the music, especially the one that plays during the credits, is it all custom for this one series? If so, could be cool with those tracks in the audio portal as well, but either way, looking forward to pt. 2! Keep it going!


BlazMan0109 responds:

Thank you very much :) haven't watched the Mortal Instruments myself but I've heard of it I've watched Wanted and I liked it I love Stephen Sommers Van Helsing, just to point out I don't take ideas from any movies I just get inspired and most of that voice acting is me just Reed and Maldune, the other voice acting was done by one my friends the music at the beginning and end was all custom made with mixcraft
the rest of the theme music I got from Sounddogs.com and Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com, and I shall put that music in the audio portal.

First, good work on the plot being more interesting than most. Hope you do get more out there.

As to an improvement, and I know this is going to sound like a lot of work for what it's worth... More frames and tweak the framerate up just a bit. This is good, but the promises of a monster-hunting show starts nearly every list with violence and fighting. That / those parts look a little sluggish and choppy. It's not bad, but to attract the most attention to your work, you'd do quite well with at least a little more fluidity to the fighting scenes... I know it's not quite Shakespearean yet, and it doesn't have to be. Just if you want a word on where you can improve, that's my best for you.
There are probably other areas (and you're likely already aware and seeking improvement on your own as an artist) and anyways... I can relegate them mostly to a question of "style" rather than necessarily "quality"...

It could, of course, use a bit of polish here and there, but so can most of the rest of the stuff around here at Newgrounds. I just hope you can get out more as time goes by, but don't be afraid to take your time with them. You could also consider (as you practice / improve) trying a revisit later. It's a kind of regular thing for some of the artists around here (to see where they've come from / started, and where they're growing or headed)...

Have fun with it...

BlazMan0109 responds:

Thanks for the advise but I'm way ahead of you, I'm already trying to improve on everything I'm a bit of an amateur at animation right now this one was a learning process for I'm self taught so believe me when I say this, it'll get better, and also thank you for liking the plot.

This shit's good man.

Some weird animations and the fact that your opening is 35 seconds long make me drop the 5 to a 4, but regardless there's a lot of promise here. Drawings are pretty decent, you actually have a plot and this isn't just another 10 second "Kek" video, make more dude.

BlazMan0109 responds:

Thanks man I'm glad you like it, this one was a learning process as much as it was a legit episode I'm also a one man army right now so it might take a while to create more.