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Bricks of Black and White

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Author Comments

Bricks Of Black And White 3 has returned with the newest part of the escape game. The action takes place at the ruins of an abandoned building, where you got left and trapped. In order to escape, all you can do is to walk around the whole area and search for clues. You found a note which said that you need to find 7 platinum bars and finally one key so you could escape. Your mission is hampered by the fact that everything is black and white, this making more difficult finding the objects. Don’t give up until you find them all and succeed to escape.


A simple yet amusing point and click escape game. Not too complicated but it was good for killing a few minutes.

I had no problem finding the platinum bars and other items against black and white scenes.

Most puzzles are easy to solve except that the clue cards to the "1, 2, 3 ..." buttons aren't clear enough. At first, I thought I had to choose between small and large for each number. But then, it's hard to tell from the clue cards plus not every single number are printed on a card. Next, I realised that I only had to press those numbers regardless of their size.

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When I first saw this on newgrounds I kind of was a bit worried on what I was gonna get into. Especially when the title has to do with bricks. And as I played this, I kind of, felt bored. Like any other Escape from -Insert topic here- this has to ridde around codes and puzzles everywhere, and that's nice and all but do you really want me to search for something? The problem I run into most games like this if that they go from, ''escape this building'' to ''Solve this puzzle by clicking everywhere until you find something''. Developers, I thought we were going on a breath-taking adventure and not have to search for a drugged up waldo in a night-club who has his clothes ripped off and a bullethole in his head. These games are supposed to be interactive, if they aren't even a slight dip of that we might as well call them ''CLICK FOR THE EXACT ITEM'' genre. This game shows a lot of acid leaking flaws, the setting is just all over the place. It's like solving a puzzle with 2,000 pieces. We don't know where to go since you threw different setting at us!
It's not explainable and what makes a game good is the setting, the place we're are. I mean it tells you in the author comments but who reads those anymore? The audio is OK, i like one of the audio but that doesn't fill the little holes inside the boat. The variety is so small. I never really found excitement when I solved a puzzle. This game gets a 2/10, there was so much you could do but didn't accomplish

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Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2015
5:11 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click