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Escape from the Bunker

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Escape from a bunker is an escape game, in which you got trapped in an old bunker while doing your detective job. This is a bunker built during war time, so it has only one way out, which you need to find and open. As you are a detective, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find all kind of clues and hints hidden around the bunker. Also, look around for some objects, which once found, can be used to solve some puzzles which keep the door closed.

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?! You????

Game play is easy. I like that there're various tools to use including a screwdriver, a paint shaver, and a hammer. Finding symbols and flipping switches are generic though.

Sound and animation effects are good. I particularly find the C4 explosion dramatic.

i really like puzzle and strategy games. i enjoyed this a lot. my only problem was it was too short and i wish it was longer, but other than that i think you did a very good job.

Game is fun, but way to short and easy!

This game sure had an escape like feeling when I was playing. However, many of the puzzles were fairly easy and the objects were reused so it gave me a clear idea how to solve it under a short span of time. Typically, the escape series makes me truly put my mind to the test and I wouldn't be able to solve it for more than half an hour. This game made me solve it under 6 minutes. Now the game isn't bad as it still has the feeling as I did have fun playing it, but I strongly recommend that if you're interested to create something like this again in the future, to promote challenges for the player. Nonetheless, it's a fun game for anyone who enjoys puzzle games. 3/5 stars for me.