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Donkey Kong Goes Bananas!

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My first animation with the 1up Island family! :o)
Things are not going Donkey Kong's way. He needs a chill pill!
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-Squared Rabbit (Jetz)

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1upTv always knows how to entertain people!! :D

I love how everyone completely ignores that other shithead Pauline...I never cared about her when i was playing DK,i just wanted to complete the levels,also i liked DK Jr.'s voice.
Good work!

. .

CVAnimation responds:

Yoshi1up always does an amazing job voice acting! :)

A video that sounds like my favorite video game enemy sounds like a white person trying to be black? HMMM... IMPRESSIVE.

CVAnimation responds:


good one dude,10/5

CVAnimation responds:

Thanks man! :D

I just lost it at "OH SHIT, HE CAN JUMP?"

CVAnimation responds:

thanks for the support! :)