Rejected Sweethearts

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69 Rejected Sweethearts Valentine's Day Candy Heart Sayings

So I came up with an idea for some Rejected Sweetheart Candies, then I saw that these Rejected Sweethearts have been done before in cartoon form, but I still liked the idea so I decided to do it as a video. Also, I made sure to make mine different and original from the other ones I saw. Also, the title is a lie. I didn't do 69 of them.

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you are 2 hot

Loved this one. I didn't think you was gonna keep me watching for 5 minutes but the jokes every now and then made it fly by. Loving your style of talking random shit throughout. Do you write it all down? Or just do it off the cuff? Let me k ow of you ever feel like collaborating.

Good work

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) On this one I pretty much just talked without a script and then edited it a little in Audacity. Usually I write everything down so I'm focused and then I talk it out quickly once or twice and go with whatever one sounds better. If I use Audacity I can edit out some screw-ups.

Oh my God, I laughed so hard when the heart came out with "Dame la chocha," which means "give me the pussy!"

That one was my favorite along with "I have no gag reflex."

I found your video approach was something of a tease, and it was really funny to hear you beat around the bush, purposefully not getting to the main point of your video, all the while seeing you or the heart saying all this funny shit. You cheeky little tease!

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks, :-) and I don't know if you ever heard it, but there's a song that was around quite a while back that went like this "mirar mirar bonita dame la chocha ha ha ha". I don't know where I first heard the song but I lived in some Hispanic neighborhoods and it gave me the idea for the line. :-)

Your voice isn't super awesome to listen to for 5+ minutes. Maybe you can lower the pitch ever so slightly next time you narrate a video and it will work better.

Some of the hearts made me laugh.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks, and I hear you. My wife says the same thing. ;-) Anyway, I had a cold that day and the audio is probably wacked because I'm using a cheap $30.00 microphone I got at Radio Shack.

Its not even 40!

(And not even that funny sayings on the heartts.)

Now a little background on me, for sake of my following argument, i dont stick on youtube vids for more than a minute if its too boring or stale, either on funnyclips or serious content on topics of my interest, so its saying a lot when i tell you:
i watched the whole shit, did not get bored once. Mad presentational skills.

9/10 would hire if i needed to video-pitch to engliush speaking customers.

It would be interesting to see your take on a satirical meta-presentation video, something like that video "how to report the news" by newswipe (watch this), or that Dutty Calls.

tonyfamous responds:

thanks. :-) whenever my videos are longer, I worry about people splitting. I'm the same as you. You got to keep me roped in, so I really appreciate that you hung out for the whole thing and then went through the trouble to tell me it was worth hanging around for the whole thing. :-)