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Escape from Missile Base

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Author Comments

Escape from missile base is a point and click escape game, in which you will have to explore an abandoned missile base. Look around each room in search of clues and hints which could show the way out from this scary place. To pass from a room to another, you will have to open some doors. In order to open the doors, use all kind of items which you will find while searching around. Also, there would be some puzzles to solve, otherwise you won’t find the final door which is the way to escape.

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This game? It was WAAAYYY too easy. If you can see, you've already won. Make the game harder! Make it sooo much harder! Make the game so hard that you have to use all of your brain to even come close to solving the FIRST riddle! I wanted a hard point 'n click game - I didn't get one.

EscapeFan responds:

The problem is that if a game is really hard, it's totally underrated, everyone are complaining and only a very few people like those ones :(

I didn't really see any point to this game. In a room, here's the parts to get out, next room...the same.

I like that the author used various types of channels to get to the next location which made me feel that I was in an adventure rather than passing through doors.

Graphics are alright and animation is surprisingly good.

the game was really easy but i liked all the pictures maybe next time a little more harder

It's okay, but it's reaaaally easy, like, TOO easy