We Are Witches - Prologue

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Here it is, the We Are Witches prologue; A kid's cartoon web series featuring the lives of six young spell casters.

Watch as their journey unfolds in a smorgasborg of magic, mystery and mayhem!

Starting with the first of the six. Mathilda the Mage!
(Voiced by the extremely talented Carla Almazora!)

Catch it on youtube! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwUaXeTmvfU

Follow us on facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/wearewitchestheshow?fref=ts


when's this airing on the disney channel?

Skatoonist responds:

It isn't! It's a web series!

I'm all for original content, and witches are always a fun concept.

I would feel more at ease if you would credit the people that worked on this with you. Yes you told me you would put credits on the actual episode but they deserve the attention you're getting now just as much as you do. Give them the credits you never gave me when I helped personalize and design over half of the main cast with you and our friend Mel.

It's saying I should critique since I'm giving it low stars. So I shall.
The VA is good. The first thing I noticed is that the lip sync is off. There are a lot of good tutorials on youtube that can help improve that. Also the Animation of the old man was really.. puppet like? A lot of the movement didn't make sense. Planning poses before animating really helps bring it to life. The beginning style of animation was quite nice. Props to Vin Mercado for animating that. It was a very cool history montage and the texture overlay was a nice touch. A few of the shots looked a little too crowded, both in characters and colors. Don't be afraid to use grayscale to plan your scenes out next time.
The animation of matilda revealing herself was hard to read. There's not enough time for the audience to register the anticipation before the swing, and the pose she ended with could have been more appealing. Her eyebrows were down and her smile small, it didn't really show how excited she was for the festival in her expression.

Anyway I hope these critiques were helpful, and I hope to see the names of the peeps that worked on all this awesome content! Except mine of course, you shoved money indirectly at me when all I wanted was credit for the work I did. Cheers, Jean Paul.

Skatoonist responds:

Thanks for the critique! I'll do my best to improve. To be a better human being too.

Well im inrested. Its hard to say if i like it yet because I dont feel like iv seen it, But I want to. :) ................... So what are waiting for? MAKE MORE! ^o^

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Skatoonist responds:

Me and everyone involved will try do it as fast as we can!

Solid voice acting. Can't wait for the next series!

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Skatoonist responds:

Thank you! will try to put out content as fast as I can!~

The storytelling was acceptable.
Is this series going to be continued on Newgrounds or just on YouTube?

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Skatoonist responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

the story will be continued in both newgrounds and youtube!

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3.92 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2015
1:13 AM EST