Moto Drive 2

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Meet the sequel of the great bike game Moto Drive. New levels, more realistic physics, improved graphic and even more fun. Drive through eight different levels and try to keep your head safe.

Use the Arrow keys on the keyboard to keep the bike under control. Press R for restart.


You need a restart level option. Mostly because of the bizarre glitch where you fall in a hole but don't fall off your bike, and then the screen fades but then fades back in and you're stuck in the hole, unable to fall off your bike.

For the purposes of this review, I'll put aside the facts that this particular genre is getting really played-out and that he's using what appears to be a Honda CBR 125--which goes 0-100km/h in 11 seconds and isn't meant for dirt--in a "trials" setting.

The ramp-up in difficulty between levels 2 and 3 was nuts! Level 2 went perfectly smoothly--aside from my shouting "TILT FORWARD, YOU PRICK!"-- and level 3 was like 3 seconds, BAM! Crash. Swearing continued for several minutes. Adding fewer obstacles at a time would have been nice. The difficulty on level 7 swung back the other way. It was preposterously easy and I did it in one shot. Switching levels 3 and 7 would probably be appropriate.

A countdown at the start would have been nice, instead of the game just catching you off guard and you losing 2 or 3 seconds (alternatively, you could ditch the timer...)

The music got really repetitive, but the (minimal) sounds were okay. It would have been nice to have separate mute buttons in the pause menu.

The jump on level 6 is cutting it a little close... I kept catching my rear tire upon landing and going headfirst into the grass. Lowering the landing ramp a little would be nice, so that players don't have to hit the landing perfectly straight with nearly zero margin of error.

Pushing the "R" button to restart didn't work for me.

These are the type of games I love! Good levels, smooth controls; overall a pretty fun bike control game. The graphics are great, the music catchy, there's plenty of variation. The Restart button works fine for me too. Only one thing that annoys me a bit is how the 'Play it' under the initial logo is actually an ad, irrelevant to the game itself, that you have to wait to get past. Bit misleading. Overall, good game!


The visuals, audio, and game-play are good. The only problem is that the Restart button doesn't work. Besides that, good job overall.

Good game. But i think the racer is too big, and you can see only little path of trace, especially in flying down the camera don't follow forward. It's uncomfortable. And no possible WASD control.

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2.89 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2015
3:55 AM EST
Sports - Racing
  • Daily 5th Place February 11, 2015