Electric War

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Lose Some 5 Points

Lose a round.

Win Some 5 Points

Win a round.

Electric Knight 25 Points

Win 3 rounds in a row.

Electric King 50 Points

Win 5 rounds in a row.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

I made this for the Global Game Jam last month, and finally got around to putting some polish on it and sending it on its way.

Boy, if you thought Ninja Fridges were aggravating, you haven't played this game!

Capture territory to kill the blues and win the game! Click the red territory to place your people.

For best results, play on the toilet.


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I do not get this game
Like something is not right here.

This is an interesting concept, but as many people have already said, the unpredictable AI made for some very frustrating gameplay. At times, the people on my side would roam around in the red area they had already captured for a few minutes while the other side spawned ten people and I was left with two (somehow I managed to turn the tables and win that round), and at other times, my people killed the other side in under thirty seconds. Also, after clenching my teeth and struggling through six brutal rounds, I still did not get the "Electric King" medal, so I assume that this medal is broken. If you get around to addressing it, I would gladly force myself to fight the good fight against the blue army once more, as I am a sucker for medals. Guess I'll go back to the ninja fridges for now.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Sorry, you didn't get the medal! I gave up before I got it... I'll take a look at it now though, and see if bugs need to be squashed!

This game is pure randomness that tries to be a strategy game. It actually looks like a strategy game at first since controlling more area gives you more units faster but in reality the benefit you get from placing your soldiers to strategic locations is neglible. The only thing that really determines if you beat the computer or not is how often the random number generator allows you to kill an enemy soldier rather than getting killed yourself. If in any balanced situation one side scores multiple kills in a row and opponent is not lucky enough to respond in kind quicky enough then the first one soon controls most of the battlefield and has a massive lead in unit production. This is how nearly every game comes to end. With a lucky kill treak.

I tested how much I could affect the outcome by playing 20 games so that I always placed the troops in same square(or close to it if it was captured) and 20 games by placing them to locations where they had good a chance to capture some blue territory. The one square strategy scored 2 more victories than the strategic one showing clearly that player's choices matter very little.

On top of all the "Electric King"-medal does not work(I reached the requirement twice). I see that one person has it so perhaps unlocking some other medal prevents it from being obtained?

DBuck-Eye responds:

This review is about 2.5 more paragraphs of detailed explanation than this game deserves, so thanks for summarizing! I have come to pretty much agree with this, I think the game needs a bit of a shift away from the "random" side and more to the "my strategy makes a damn difference" side. I'll take a look at the medal not working issue, because you deserve better than that.

The mouseover description on the game's icon promised exactly what you gave us: An intense strategy game of dumb luck! So many reviews are complaining that it's totally random and up to luck, because you forgot to add that to the author comments, and people apparently don't read the game description before they click to play.
That said, I really enjoyed this game. It could use some sound, perhaps music and an alert noise when you earn a new soldier. My only question is, do the different soldier sprites have different abilities? For instance, do some sprites move faster or aim for the other color more often? Or are they just for style? Either way, it's a fun little game.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Thanks for playing! The sprites are just for style, but in future games they'll probably behave differently :)

There wasn't that much strategy in this game, our pieces seem to move at random while the enemy (at least that's what it seems to me) has a good AI, whenever i place one of my soldiers in the battlefield they rarely kill an enemy but the opponent's pieces automatically head over to my soldiers which makes this unfair (i'm not sure if that was a feature you inputted or if i've just been having terrible luck), besides that there's also the fact that the opponent's soldier meter goes down much quicker than ours so in the time we get one soldier they're almost getting their second soldier.

It isn't impossible to win, though, i've managed to do it but it is quite random who wins or not.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Hence the 'dumb luck' portion of the description. The strategy is more about placing/holding your soldiers in the most effective way.
As for the unfairness, the blues move randomly in the same way reds do, so if they seem smarter, that's just bad luck (but to be honest, I noticed that they do always seem to have their shit together slightly more than my guys...). And the respawn timer is a function of how much of the board is red or blue, so you get guys faster with more territory.
Anyway, yes, it's more luck than strategy, but I liked that it was a different gameplay idea :)

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2015
2:24 PM EST
Strategy - Other