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Flash Galactix

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High Scores

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Author Comments

Galactix 1.3a for DOS redone in Flash AS2.

Destroy all Xidus Ships, Command Ship and finally the Evil Overlord's Flagship.

Mouse: move ship left or right.
Left Click or SPACE: Fires cannons
Middle Click or C: Send claw to grab upgrades
X: Launch bombs
Z: Fire missiles
P: Pause

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A rather easy game but does progress to be harder later wish there was more of a big final boss but maybe I missed it anyways a fun game here


As nostalgic as this game is to me, I don`t remember what it had such a difficult final boss.
As for other gameplay, I never liked the "if you get hit you become even weaker" trope, even though many of my nostalgic games do have it. It`s a very unforgiving mechanic.
Graphic upgrade is solid, although it`s sad that the background haven`t got any updates. But it`s not my biggest concern with the remake so whatever.
As for the bugs, sometimes the pause menu doesn`t want to go, which makes fighting really annoying.
Also, the second ship supposed to have hearts on it`s wings, isn`t it?

This is a nice outer space game flying around and shooting stuff. Gameplay starts out easy, but then the difficulty rises quickly. There are 100 levels in this game. Making it easier to upgrade would improve the players ability to survive.

Bit strange how the main motive in the game seems to get a highscore, and yet when you end your game the fate of the world is supposedly lost. Is there an ending if you keep playing? If it is a finite game, it feels a bit monotone. Even for highscoring purposes, it takes a long while before it starts getting difficult (when the asteroids kick in), and by then it really gets difficult at once. I like the gameplay overall, but not so much the monotony of the journey. At first I thought it'd be a bit like Space Invaders, with a new foe for each level, but it turns out the same foes repeat over and over, stage after stage, occasionally introducing one new combatant to cycle through in the different stages. I think I'd like either longer stages and more intense battle, or a finite number of fewer stages, each one with its own challenge. It just takes too long to get anywhere, even if it's fun at first, and doesn't feel like a game you'd want to try multiple times to beat your highscore. That's just too time-consuming a task. Anyway, graphics, music, etc were great, gameplay is the part I feel's a bit lacking. Keep it going!


larrymcduck responds:

There are a total of 100 levels. Your ship upgrades after you defeat the miniboss on level 49. Getting the best score you can is one of the main objectives, but beating all 100 levels is as well. Thanks for the review!

Nice game, but it's too easy in beginning and very fast difficult rise up. No second chance, if you catch bullet.

larrymcduck responds:

Yeah, the game does get difficult. Use your bombs and missiles carefully and get those weapon upgrades! Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2015
12:42 PM EST