Eric's Quest

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Special thanks to Rina-Chan http://rina-chan.newgrounds.com/ for voicing Princess Aveline!

Right, so I disappeared from this sight for almost a year... this is what I've been busy with mostly. This was another class project I got while I was in Animation class for my Junior year. I thought it was pretty cool, I took the original sketch layers and turned it into this!
Sorry it took, like, 8 months and junk...I know, 8 months for a 4 minute cartoon is unacceptable... I kind of slacked off all summer. But now that this is finished, I can finally move on. (I've had a parody of FE:A under consideration for quite some time, I might be able to finally do that, and hopefully it won't take another eight months to do.)

"Something is very wrong." - Fire Emblem Awakening
"House of Leaves" - Kevin MacLeod (That one guy who's in every Flash animation's music list, yeah)
"Ice King" - The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
"Pedro Vs. The World" - Jingle Punks
"Sovngarde" - Skyrim
"Executioner's Chariot" - Dark Souls ll
"Knower of Yin and Yang" - Senran Kagura Burst (Y'know, that game about the boobs)
"Fyrus Clear Fanfare" - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
"For Master Kurokage" - Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus


Ok Runkachunk nice try but that was really boring. How did you even manage to find someone who is a big enough faggot to animate for you. 1/10

Voices could have been a tad bit better, but overall I loved the animation, story, and the fun little twist at the end. Came here for the Rina-Chan, stayed for the animation.

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Woooooow. Poor guy....

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lmao, that ending... up until that point it felt like all the comical moments were a bit misplayed though, as if the animation was supposed to be intense; emotional and all that, especially with the music, yet certain facial expressions/sound effects kept opting for comedy, a bit of a clash. The end was fun, but all leading up to that point felt a bit imbalanced in that regard. Looks; sounds good though, and I like the story, just wish it'd focus more on one genre. Nice work!


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ObsidianWasp responds:

Yeah, the comical moments could've been a bit better. I wanted to at least add in a bit of humor to keep people from taking it TOO seriously (and so I could pull off the ending a bit better and it wouldn't seem as abrupt)... but it was a bit imbalanced. I dunno, my future works are going to be more humor-based, and I'll try to balance out the more cinematic moments in them, too. Thanks for your review!

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Feb 8, 2015
6:58 PM EST