Vector Killer

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Defend the 10 planets from
the invading vectors with your base gun.

You WILL unlock planets as you
successfully defend each one.

Use the mouse to aim, click and hold the mouse button to build power, then release to fire.

Red blockers on later levels cannot be destroyed

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A pretty simple, sleek and addicting game. Controls are good, graphics look good, it's good fun!


great graphic, the gameplay is not special but it gives you some minutes of entrataining, the music is soooo annoying and stupid that i cannot stop to laugh! seriously, what the f...

Way too simple. I liked the concept. I liked the 3D vectors. I liked the physics and bouncing projectiles. The rest was just simple beyond belief. Easy, too - I only took damage in the last three levels, and never got close to actually losing.

The scoring system is a joke - either you hit the enemies or you don't. The multipliers can go up with a bit of luck, but with a laser penetrating the barriers you can falsely get a multiplier higher than it should be.

The barriers themselves were a bit of an issue too. The big red projectiles tended to get stuck on them permanently and vanish, and they were too small to really stop you from hitting a target. The enemies themselves never attack, nor do they even have unique movement patterns - the satellites move sideways, the rest just blindly rush you. Why couldn't enemies multiply upon dying, or dodge attacks? There should have been a boss that could only take damage from ricochet shots, too. That would be cool.

The shots were cool, but didn't hand enough control to the player. Powerups occur automatically, which can be disorienting and rather rude if you're working well with the powerup you already have. It would be nice if the player had some control over powerups, such as the ability to suppress a powerup to postpone its expiration, or to cancel it outright. I also felt like the controls were rather redundant, just shooting over and over. Some kind of stamina or power gauge would have given the game more depth.

You have a nice working game but it needs a lot of work to make it really pop.

I just have to say this, the visuals reminded me of Geometry Wars. Not surprisingly, geometry (specifically angles), play a major role in the game. The audio is fitting and the game-play is addictive; driving you to get the highest combos. Good job.

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3.88 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2015
6:02 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight