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Author Comments

This is a fan made version of the 'The Worlds Hardest Game' sequel by Stevie Critoph http://snubbyland.com/#blog, with added features and difficulty.

You begin it all as a red box. Go through the worlds collecting the yellow coins and avoiding the enemies. You'll know it's an enemy because it is the only other thing that is not a coin. Enemies do come in 5 colours, but you'll notice as you advance in worlds.

You must, however, collect all the coins, before you advance in level. Collect keys to unlock doors that blocks your path to the green portals.

At the end of each world, you can submit your score to the high score board. The lower the score, the better. The score is based on the number of times you've died.

Music by Snayk: http://snayk.newgrounds.com/

Each world has it's own instructions to follow.

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Well.. just beat it. 56 deaths

Can't make it past level 5 of world one! But nice game! I love it!!!

danidre14 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!
Yeah it's really too hard for the casual gamer.
And all the pro players's hype for the original has died down, so I don't expect anyone to actually beat it now or anytime soon.

Did you try?

danidre14 responds:

Check the highscores, I beat it! :D

Hey, this is a nice fan made! danidre14, I really hope that you will read this review:)

This game is very cool, I liked it more then the original, but not more then the 2nd and 3rd part.
I read in the comments that you added something in the World 4 that even Snubby did not add, I wish I was patient enough to go so far, but oh boy, I can already see my keyboard being smashed against the wall.

I know this is a fan made and it is supposed to be very similar to the original game, but I wish you would make it MUCH easier, so even not experienced players could pass the game.
I also think that it is cool that you added a highscores, but I will probably never be in the top 100:(

Another thing that was kinda annoying was the music. I know, this is a very similar game to the original, but I wish you were more creative and add a totally new song, not just remixing the old ones.

Anyways, good job! I can not wait a 2nd part, if it will ever come out:)

this game can suck my dick D:< this is worlds hardest and worst game

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2015
1:47 PM EST
Skill - Avoid