Galactic Junk

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Stranded in space with a defective engine and countless monsters closing in, can you find the powers hidden deep in the galaxy to unlock the true power of your ship? Galactic Junk is a fast-paced space shooter with simple controls, addicting game mechanics, and unique enemies that are discovered the farther the player travels. With loads of ship upgrades, mission objectives, and built-in high scores, players will find it hard to step away from this game. The controls of Galactic Junk are simple yet challenging. Click or touch anywhere on the screen to shoot in that direction. Your ship in turn will travel into the opposite direction. This means that players must find the perfect balance between shooting and moving to succeed. The main goal of the game is to get a high distance. This is achieved by dodging asteroids and enemies while collecting junk pieces to upgrade your ship for the next run. We have also included missions which will spice up the game play by forcing players to play in new ways.

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Okay. Firstly, fuck those controls. It's just annoying. I put up with it and I played for a little while to see if I just needed time to get used to it, but ultimately it's terrible for any significant playing time (which the rather slow rate of money collection forces you to do if you want to progress - and then the progression, well, I'll talk about that). You should have enough money after the first zone to repair your engines to just fly normally (that would make an interesting BRIEF intro to the game), and then after that for the decent sake of the deargod game your giant metal ship's momentum should no longer be affected by weapon's fire (seriously, from a hard sci-fi standpoint no future spaceship designer would ever let that be anything more than negligible on a real craft). So now that I've talked about the controls and ship movement, onto the progression - the upgrades and.. the utilities? How about that. Let's start with talking about utilities. They're a *one-time-*TOGGLE* **per each run**?? ugggghhhhh why? maybe I can see the nuke.. but, then on top of that, I can only buy one at a time!?!? I definitely think that if I can afford all of the utilities, then I should be able to use all of them on the same run. WHY CAN'T I UPGRADE MY REGULAR WEAPON? That seems like the most obvious upgrade that would be in this type of game... shields maybe?? uggghhhhkljtihasdf
ANOTHER THING. If I could move my ship with normal rotational thrusters, then THE WRECKING BALL WOULD BE WAY MORE USEFUL.. like, actually useful at all.

Perhaps here's an important point*::* The most fun I had was when I found the Rammer power-up one time, and I just fired behind me as much as I could trying to go as fast as I could and I rammed my way through everything I could. VERY satisfying, especially when steering was a constant pain in the ass at all other times...

The art, music/sfx.. were very nice, like the graphics were definitely great. This is a game that I really, really want to enjoy a lot of, but it seemed like a constant struggle for me from the very beginning. *Bug note: at one point, I tried to scroll down in the upgrades menu, but the scroll bar got bent strangely and slanted off it's track into the upgrade list, and then I went to the options menu and the white dot-slider bar things for the options also slanted off from their tracks as well... I had to close and re-open and then it was fixed.
(I kinda had to turn the music off unfortunately too, for a quick point to the music creator, there was some really weird sort of stereo panning/phasing/splitting on two-channel stereo.. I'm not sure if that can be heard on lower quality or some kind of differently channeled/panned audio systems, but me and my speakers (I have studio monitors for making music myself) could not stand it - this is not saying the "music", or like the "tune" was bad, just something with the stereo separation)
blah. ok now I'm done.

A pretty addicting quest through the outer realms of space. Nice graphics, smooth controls, bit difficult difficult overall, but still gets you hooked easily. Nice work!


The game is a good example of an hard but addicting game. Good work.
I did encounter one problem though it seems it was fixed by a refresh of the web page. On the public high score not only were the panels for the scores slated, but the scroll also moved slantedly (off the boundary it was supposed to be on), as well as being unable to advance the page. However, as it was fixed by refreshing the page, I won't take it anything off (I would of given it 4.5 stars if that wouldn't happen).
Congrats on getting five stars

quite specific, well .. it is difficult to assess because it is not for everyone

pretty lame since i can only fly to the lower right corner. no steering at all. when clicking the blue box on the lower right corner the ship stops shooting, but i guess that's not the way the player is supposed to steer like this. Please fix that bug. since then, just a low rating because i can't play like this.

UpsideDownBird responds:

You are supposed to click anywhere on screen to shoot in that direction and move in the opposite direction.

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2.98 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2015
9:20 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun