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The Non-Scary Maze Game 3

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Author Comments

0 = Force level restart if the player doesn't respawn.

Welcome back to the third installment of the NSMG series! This release captures what I wanted to create with the first two and adds better graphics, better gameplay, and an all around better experience!

Designed to be a difficult yet fun experience, the NSMG 3 offers 15 levels of mazes that can be quickly beaten but not without some difficulty.

If you're curious as to some back story, read on.

I came up with the idea for the original Non-Scary Maze Game after I was tricked by a friend into playing the original scary maze game. That's pretty much all of the back story.


When you move on to a next room, you'll sometimes need to move the cursor to the blue box in order for it to follow the mouse.


1 = Mute
2 = Unmute

3 = Show Cursor
4 = Hide Cursor

0 = Force level restart if the player doesn't respawn.

(Happens if the cursor is in a certain location and the player jumps to that location, hitting a wall in the process.)

Mouse to move the box.

Credit to my friend rocky99213 for beta testing and helping me fix some bugs!

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Sorry, But nothing seemed particularly unique or different here. Don't touch the walls. Follow the path. Proceed to the end. Would have liked to see some different or more unique elements as well as the force restart bug fixed so that it is no longer necessary.
Not hard, Just requires patience is all.
Good Music is a +


Not too easy and not too difficult. It's a decent little maze game.

One thing I must say, though, is that it was ridiculous how many times I had to press 0 to force restart. When I first encountered this problem, which was about halfway into the game, I had to force restart several times before it would pop up again on that level. Every level after that, though, it would only take one restart, but I had to do that everytime after that point to even start a level. It got annoying to say the least.

Cool game! Bug fix it pls!

Maze games are generally pretty fun, but the controls on this one were a little odd. The shortcuts were not traditionally what you would expect (0-4 for the controls is odd). I found myself at points where the blue square would disappear completely and I would have to restart the level several times for the square to reappear. Finished the game though and the end levels were a bit challenging which is always a plus.