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Welp, here's my review

The only good things is that if you like maze games, you'll have a tiny bit of enjoyment
Bad news? The reason you wont have more is that there are a few bugs, and there are much more fun and working maze games elsewhere

Bugs I've seen after playing through once:
-Right Click and you will be able to go anywhere on the page
-When you click 'finish', you'll start at the finish for the next maze

Please, don't take this review as harsh and tell me to 'fuck off' like you've done others, this is written to help you improve. My suggestion to make good games is that you, even if the actual game isn't too origional or high-quality (because everybody starts somewhere), make sure there aren't any extreme bugs that make the game not-so-good. If there wasn't that whole 'start at the finish' bug and a few more levels then I could rate it 2, maybe 2.5.

Good luck with future games

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FlashMakerr responds:

friend thanks for the advice

i will probably be yelled at or cussed out by you. but it just doesn't play well.

FlashMakerr responds:

I agree with you .... I hope that others will be better


FlashMakerr responds:

fuck off

Next time you make a game, TEST it.

Its poorly made. The walls up until the last level look like you made them with Microsoft Paint.

This isn't programmed very well, even for a simple maze. Just right clicking lets you skip to the end over the walls. And when you do you start at the finish which causes most of the levels to fly by and you start in the middle of the last maze. Seriously? It just throws you into the exit when you finish the first level. And if you're in the last level which is a completely different shift of graphics, it makes you fail if your mouse is just in a bad spot.

I deem this half a star because you somehow managed to make a simple maze, bad. I only will give you half because you can simply fix it, but the errors make the game you barely put effort into something that truely, isn't good.

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2.04 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2015
10:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Turd of the Week February 11, 2015