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Job Search Simulator

rated 1.95 / 5 stars
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Feb 6, 2015 | 9:51 PM EST

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Job Search Simulator



Rated 0 / 5 stars

WORST. GAME. EVER. none of the jobs work.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Half a star because I couldn't program this much. I think if you are applying for a job and your list of possible jobs runs from Janitor to Scientist, it might be indicative of your problem in finding one.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I like the general idea though not sure if I would call it a game. Maybe you could flesh it out more.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

It really seems like you put no discernible effort in this "game".

I mean, the idea is pretty out there, no subtleness. What you want to tell is pretty simple, and you did tell it in a simple way.
Everyone has ideas. Good, bad, awful, excellent, but everyone has some. Plenty of them. And all of us want to transmit these ideas, with variable degrees of success.

What I think you've got to understand is that, to make an idea memorable, you've got to put some effort in the way you tell it.

For example, some of the jobs applications have descriptions, with witty observations, as some of the response emails. The thing is, a lot of them just have a generic description and a generic response. You could (or, better, you must) make every and each of them particular, definite, and different from the rest. That's showing your interest in making the idea memorable, remarkable, eye-catching.

I'm not even talking about the ugly UI (everyone has to start somewhere, and graphic design is hard) or the lack of any kind of simulation (again, a lot of art "games" don't have much of a gameplay).
I'm talking about the very core of what you want to transmit, in my opinion. What could have been an interesting, sarcastic view on the actual state of the job market, instead becomes a half-assed attempt at a first project in HTML5.

Sorry for the long rant, but I really hope that you could take some of the advise that I and others in the comments present, and make a new version, with more care and love put into every aspect of the game. I like your idea, and I would love to see it full-fledged.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

This game... This project... I mean this "submission" you uploaded isn't even qualified to be called a game. I know the job market isn't good and you could really use some income, but this isn't really a way to help. It has no goal and therefore no purpose to give to a player in order to succeed.

I will say its kinda funny on the responses like applying for some jobs are different, but are mostly the same. But humor doesn't make a submission like this any better.

This could qualify as an art game but the time jobs aren't as hard to find it becomes outdated.

I deem it 0 stars because basically, its very simple and has barely any effort put into it at all. Something you could do to just raise this by just a little is by making it so you can actually succeed in finding a job. Hell, you could program it so you could write an actual application that can succeed by searching for proper sentence structure, proof of education, you know, real stuff they'd look for. If you're going to make something thats a simulator, make it simulate the objective better. The Sims isn't a game where an entire family dies except for 1 person who's miserable from then on from it. It has real effort in it. Just put effort into it, and you'll find a job you made this game about never getting.

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