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Can you survive all 5 waves of zombies to collect elements to craft a cure for the zombie outbreak!? Buy ammo and health with the money you earn to help aid you on your mission.

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For a solo indie dev, you did your job pretty damn well, what can I say. If I was to program a game on my own it would be a endless insanity like Taekwon V that's like the bootleg Mazinger Z... Just color splattered all over the screen...Makes me dizzy only thinking on it. Changing the mood from all the total assholes that rate the game of a LONE INDIE DEVELOPER, think on how a game you made for fun on your own liking would be before throwing critics saying "ur geim iz bad becauze it iznt Call Of Booty" FUCK THAT and think on the actual game.
The controls are tight and they WORK. The gameplay is simple and fun, you just kill zombies and no one messes with u, you are a lone zombie killer and a total badass in general.

For the Developer of the game:
Your game is amazing. People just dont like to accept it because they preffer playing Mainstream games like Call Of Duty or any variation that is basicly the same fucking game with the same weapons but with different names. You just keep em coming and surprise everyone with your game and splatter it all over their fucking face when this ends on steam

HawkSandwich responds:

Ahaha I LOVE your comment. It doesn't bother me that people think this game is bad, though. I mean honestly playing it now, I see a LOT of areas that could be improved. Not like glitches, but to make the game much more fun overall. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it and I'm so thankful for your rating ^^

Need's a lot of work:

1: 5 round survival? Really? Just 5 rounds? Dude. If that's a campaign, it's pretty dang short. Add more variety into it. AND add more zombie spawns that just 2. Like 4 or 5 instead.

2: Add an Online Multiplayer where people can either do campaign, or endless survival.

3: Add more weapons to unlock as you level up surviving the zombie horde for better weapons(INCLUDING Melee weapons).

4: Add a mode where we can make our own Boss Zombie that appears every 10 rounds in Endless Survival IF we choose to Enable Custom Boss Zombies instead of Preset ones.

5: Add something that upgrades your guns in-game and give more cash per shot AND per kill instead of just 1-2 should be more around 3 per shot, and 5 per kill instead.

6: Add a larger variety to the zombies like different kinds. Not just Minecraft skins and such.

7: Work on using graphics that don't suck due to it being Minecraft(Yes Minecraft kinda sucks).

8: Add Armor we can buy for our guys that not only increases our health, but gives an armor rating that slowly regenerates over time to resist damage taken by 25%-100%(Depending on armor and how heavy it is which stats would tell it as well when buying) which we unlock by leveling up as well.

9: Add a wall buy for not only upgrading guns, but to rebuy armor as well since Armor only won't regenerate if it's completely depleted.

It's not too bad. It REALLY needs work, though.
Some points that could be improved upon:
The zombies' pathing AI is terrible. They seem to always take the shortest route, and when their numbers become high enough, this makes it impossible to avoid them, as they're literally all in a line.
Maybe make them decide every so often to veer in one direction or another, or something. The randomness would both make it more interesting (more "horde"-like), and allow the player to evade them more easily.

The overall impression of the environment is one of complete barren-ness. Throw in some generic junk to try to evade around, furniture, etc. Some hazards, for instance fire, would also make it a lot more interesting, especially if it could be used against the zombies. Hell, even some sprites on the walls would be a huge upgrade. It'd also help the player find the health/ammo, as the larger levels are easy to get lost in.

There are no zombie idle sounds/footfalls, which gets annoying when you're trying to kill one and another sneaks up on you. It's a huge drawback as they seem to come at random from those vents - you end up basically turning in a circle the entire time because there's no way to tell if one's behind/to the side of you.

The fog is a little too intense. That serves the atmosphere well, but perhaps make it a different color so as to make distant walls and zombies stand out better.

Even with perfect shooting and evading, it was hard to rack up enough points for even one ammo refill, and by the time I would've gotten it, I'd be overrun before I could spend the next clip. Rebalancing the points or the starting ammo would alleviate this a lot.

And lastly, please find some more sound effects and at least SOME music for it. XP

Voted 5 r my unity was latest didnt work Im sure dis game is amaze though(No sarcasm and dont choose me as winner for voter newgrounds)

I really like this! The game is great. The interface needs a bit more explaining, and while it might be too much to ask, but I think this game needs to have a map. The first wave of the game is extremely easy to navigate, but once you get to the second, it will get confusing and even frustrating at times. If there was a map, I think that having icons for the ammo and health refill stations would be helpful - I quickly succumbed to zombies because I had no health, but I was unable to heal myself for the inability to actually find the health station.

I like the art style of the game, too.
The game is certainly fun, but there are certainly a few problems.

The zombie spawning might be a little TOO unforgiving. I was almost instantly mobbed by zombies by the second wave - moving around too much in this game is NOT a good idea. You WILL get quickly outnumbered by the zombies, and you WILL die. Not only this, but the amount of spawning places for zombies is unnecessary.
If you let a zombie spawn on you, you can't shoot it - I assume this is because the gun doesn't hit the zombie's hitbox.

The reloading is RIDICULOUSLY long. It's similar to when you look at a clock and it seems like an eternity. This was another contributing factor to a swift death. I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that this was your intent.

The game has a nice difficulty to it - it actually is reminiscent of Dark Souls, in my opinion. That's a good thing.

The way that you gain points and the cost of items at the stations is ludicrous, and it is both hard to obtain points as well as obtain an adequate enough amount to do what you wish.

There also doesn't seem to be a pause button, so good luck.

As tips, I advise that people don't back into a corner - you will run out of ammo, a wave of zombies will corner you, and once you've reloaded it's already too late. Don't go onto the next wave until you are absolutely ready - as I mentioned there is no pause button as of this moment. Try to memorize the hallways - the game has a low level of brightness so that you only have a limited POV and you don't want to end up on the opposite side of the map with low health and/or ammo.

That said, the game is still above all an amazing game and I applaud you on your great job! Thank you!

HawkSandwich responds:

Wow, what a great response. Thanks for all the suggestions and telling me what you like and dislike. Great idea with the map, too! If I ever get around to updating the game that's definitely something I will add to the game. About the difficulty: as a developer it's quite hard to tell what a good difficulty to your game is - if you tweak it to fit your skill, it's going to be ridiculously hard for others to play, as you're really good at it because you've played it so much, and if you make it so that it's easy for you you can't tell whether or not it's too easy for others. Hopefully I'll get better with that in the future, but for now my games are quite difficult on accident. Thanks for the feedback!

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3.58 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2015
8:49 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person