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Orion Trail (Prototype)

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This game is just a prototype! If you liked what you played, back us on Kickstarter!


In a sense, Orion Trail is Oregon Trail meets Star Trek.

You play as a starship Captain, and you must make the tough decisions that one faces along the Orion Trail.

Your goal is to, well, survive. You'll encounter a variety of strange, stupid and terrifying things on your journey, and it's up to you to ensure that your ship and crew make it to the end.

You start the game by selecting your Captain, Officers and Ship. Each of these provide a bonus to your ability to respond to events in one of five ways: Offense, Tactics, Diplomacy, Science and Bravado.

The key survival is balancing your resources. Each encounter will increase or decrease them, depending on the outcome of the action you took. So, while you may be really good at Offense, you might need to use Diplomacy to get some tasty food.

See the in-game instructions for more info!

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Great game, it combines accomplished visual style with interesting gameplay and great omnipresent sense of humor :) Music is fitting too. Also not much in terms of gameplay, which is basically just a sequence of dice rolls, this game actually offers some challenging situations and different tactics to approach them. For example, the last mission I've performed was to deliver as much fuel as possible, so I ended up sacrificing my crew (which is not a counting resource) on every possible occasion and ended up with a full fuel tank and a single surviving crew member :) What I have also found interesting, was the resources and skills managing mechanics. Each one of your four main resources has it's specific applications and requires thoughtful handling in order to stay alive. Balancing out your captain's skills with those of your ship and commanding officers creates space for tactical decisions and additional replay ability.
I'm also very impressed with the variety of content - ships, characters, events and outcomes - for this prototype stage of development. For now I've played the game three times and the only thing that was becoming somewhat repetitive was events. Also since each of them has a wide variety of options and even wider variety of outcomes, this does not seem to be a problem.

I like the game! It gets a bit repetitive, but that is simply because it is just starting out. It's actually a bit hard. All in all, its real nice. Can't wait to see the kick started version!

GOD DAMN UNITY! the loading was so slow, then my computer crashed and i can't play it. D:

W00t! W00t! great game man I love it's quirky humor and it's random events and the pixel art is great and fits the over-all tone of the game very well. :)

P.S. I saved the snake people with a total score of 74,250. - A.Squirrel

Pretty fun! As I was scrolling through the comments im amazed noone mentioned that this is similiar to YogsQuest 2.