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Ghostscape 3D

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Ghostscape 3D is my first big Unity game and is set in an old haunted house, lots of things to collect, a few puzzles to solve and the occasional jump scare!!

You have been WARNED! This game is not for kids!!

VIDEO WALKTHROUGH on my website at www.psionicgames.com

Version 1.4
Fullscreen button added (don't use right click method)
No longer clears save if everything not collected!
Links open in popup window (you must allow them)
Various bugs fixed
Mute button added

*If the game doesn't show up? Check in the address bar at the top right of you're browser, there may be a little jigsaw piece with a red X on it. Right click it and allow content on newgrounds.com to allow the game to show up!

Also Available on Android:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PsionicGames.Ghostscape3D&hl=en_GB

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Game is broken on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Please fix, Psionic3D. this game is/was great, however, it seems that it no longer works at all.

WOW. You really know how to make a great, PERFECTLY challenged horror game.

I jumped a few times with this one. Could only imagine how much scarier it would be with headphones.

Mission accepted for the next one. ;P

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Pretty amazing for a free online game. Hands down the best use of Unity's graphics rendering capabilities I've seen yet. You maybe need to brush up on your horror tactics and story-writing, but you've definitely got Unity developer skills. The storyline was pretty cool, though the whole thing leaves me somewhat wondering.
**Spoiler** If the stones and orbs don't banish The Relentless, then why are they even there? It seems the whole point of your interactions is simply to get you into the basement to encounter The Relentless and be taken over. If that's the whole point, why all the clues and puzzles? Wouldn't The Relentless just get you to the house and attack?
A great little point-n-click, though. You've got some serious skills.

OMG That game was so good !
Need more like this one !

That was fun, nice job! \m/