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The Haunted Mansion

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yes it's tiny but can you solve the mystery?
This is my first ever game, made with macromedia 8

I suggest playing on 150% zoom level for a better experience

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Too small and dark to do anything, I was able to somehow get the lights on, but after that clicking anything in the game does nothing.

You did good here but there were a few problems: The screen is too small and often times too dark to get a good look at anything, I had to rely on the tab button a lot just to find things, and there was no sequel to this despite the fact that there's a "to be continued" at the end. Despite all this, you did a swell job for a first-time game and the atmosphere is pretty creepy. Nice work!

fun but too small screen

Prologue seems interesting. I was so confused when I landed on the first scene because anywhere on a small screen is clickable. I reckon you should change the mouse pointer to a hand when a hidden item is spotted. Also, it's extremely hard to search for something in a dim and dark environment although I had zoomed the screen to 200%. After many clicks, I turned on a light and found a key to a white door. I switched on a lamp, read a diary page, saw some blood, and found a key as well as Samantha's drawing. When I clicked on a door hole, lightening struck and the light went off. Something black appeared, I switched on the lamp again. A text message appeared suggesting I should escape from a locked door behind. There was a red symbol on the bed. Within a few seconds, the game ended and the journalist was killed. :|

Occasional lightening scares work.

I think its a well scripted game though you might need to tweek it abit making the player guess around the area for the next part is quite frustrating esp when they hate to use hints to the point they give up.. maybe making the area to click slightly larger perhaps. the rooms are quite lovely and populated so it is hard to guess even where to start. like the keys..wouldnt the locked areas be in a box or a door the color scheme is nice it adds a nostalgia feel to it yet to dark to see in some places maybe more lighting in the problem areas..but as a first time game it is wonderfully executed well done.. im sure your games will get even better. keep the complexity its refreshing and keeps one going in such a game.

Wooooooooooooooooooo responds:

Thanks for all the feedback. Hopefully the next one is much better