danger in the kitchen

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the new adventures of ellie 2


La vista aqui esta interesante... pero cuando la comida esta en fuego Ellie... ella suena mas aburrida mejor que preocupada :P
Todavia, una pelicula entretenida. No puedo esperar para su proxima y ver sus mejoras :D

Famcomix responds:

muchas gracias por tus comentarios por favor estate al pendiente de nosotros tenemos muchas ideas para animar!!!

Heh, fun idea, but feels like it could've done more to get a better comical effect! More of a reaction when she sees the food burning maybe? Feels like she's awfuly calm considering her food's just a cinder crisp, both in animation and voice. Animation's good though, and I like that intro/outro melody, it has a tone of 'that's life!' to it. Nice short.


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Famcomix responds:

we will work hard to improve

thank you very much for your comments

Not bad! My Spanish isn't the greatest but the English Subtitles help.
As well the camera angles and music is able to get the punch line across, so fluency in Spanish isn't required. I got a quick chuckle out of this in the end. :P

I'd say the few things that could help to improve this video would be some additional lip sync, some more movement from your character and clearer voice acting.

-In the beginning of the video, your character pulls out her phone, is moving her arms while cooking and has lip sync. Towards the end of the video, the character animation becomes fairly limited. Even when characters have shocked expressions, adding frightened lip sync and movement can help to convey the message and jokes in your animation.

-With your voice acting, I think speaking a bit louder and trying to match the emphasis your character would have in this situation will help your video become clearer and easier to understand, regardless of the language being spoken. :)

Your videos have potential, keep improving and you'll be doing better in no time! :D

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Famcomix responds:

hey thank you very much for your criticism is helpful

I feel good that the video made you laugh even a little.

at the end of the video we wanted to finish it because of time.

And also use the excuse that in the anime whenever the main character goes into shock becomes as stone or cardboard.

With respect to the voice, you're absolutely right, Ellie gets a little nervous when she does his dialogues, but is only a matter of practice.

Thank you very much, hopefully follow us an keep an eye on us as we try to upload a video a week or every two weeks.


hahahaha xD Muy buenos dibujos :D deberias mejorar un poco en la personalizacion de la voz segun sean las emociones. Fuera de eso esta muy bien.

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Famcomix responds:

LOL, muchas gracias por el dibujo estamos trabajando en una tableta nueva asi qeu apenas nos estamos acostumbrando, con respecto a la voz necesitamos mejorar por que se que a veces suena un poco plana, pero Ellie se pone nerviosa ya que apenas es su segunda animacion con voz, muchas gracias por tu comentario.

For what it is, it is okay. The video is not really funny but it does give a good tip of not texting while cooking. An okay job overall.

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Famcomix responds:

well... my mom thinks it's a funny animation ...

lol thank you very much for your comments, we will look for funny ideas to make animations

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Feb 2, 2015
7:10 PM EST
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