Ender Story: Chapter 1

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Capitalist 5 Points

Horde a total of 4000E at one time.

Devotion 5 Points

Guide a priest through a major decision.

Illegal Trade 5 Points

Help Sir Render deal with a unusual trader.

Loot Master 5 Points

Raid 15 overworld objects for items.

Lore 5 Points

Read ten books throughout the land.

Not So Super Mushrooms 5 Points

Help an alchemist gather enough mushrooms for his experiments.

The Lost Wallet 5 Points

Help an old man find his missing wallet.

The Mercenary 5 Points

Recruit Krat, the Shadow Assassin, to your team.

To Anger A Gobling 5 Points

Help a bounty hunter deal with his gobling problem.

Unstoppable Akayla 10 Points

Achieve Lv7 with Akayla.

Unstoppable Erion 10 Points

Achieve Lv7 with Erion.

Unstoppable Graden 10 Points

Achieve Lv7 with Graden.

Unstoppable Krat 10 Points

Achieve Lv7 with Krat.

Angel or Devil? 25 Points

Complete all of the side quests by any means necessary.

Bestiary 25 Points

Complete all of the bestiary entries.

The First Chapter 50 Points

Clear the game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Erion is a guard at the border of his country of Ederra, so it weighs heavy on him when a group of men force their way past claiming that they have business with the King. He takes it upon himself to track these men down and put a stop to their "business" before any harm comes to Ederra.

There's only a couple of days between the castle and the outpost where Erion and his superior, Graden, are stationed. Make your way through the village of Hashire, fight your way through Darkhart Forest, reach the city of Shorik and maybe go one step even further into the depths of the castle.

Along the way, other people will need your help and you can choose whether they're worth your time or not. Will you help them like a good knight or will you cheat them to benefit your own goals? You decide.

UPDATE: Our programmer hasn't been in contact with us for almost a year now so we're completely remaking and expanding the series. The remake of the first chapter has been completed, go grab it on Steam now! http://store.steampowered.com/app/760300/Ender_Story_Chapter_1/


This game reminds me of mardek RPG, but this one has different elements like the enemies, pause menu and characters. loving the music and the fighting but can the enemies have a health bar? Also you can escape from battle too easily i think you give us a chance to escape with maybe a percentage that have a number saying how high or low of a chance to escape? Anyway love the gameplay the music again and everything in it keep on going im sure this game will be popular soon

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TheEnkian responds:

Something that's intended for the next game, rather than having a health bar, is having a character with a scan ability who can show you all of the info you'll need to know about the enemies you're facing. I thought that'd be the most interesting way of doing it, but unfortunately, he didn't quite fit the story in the first game. It should hopefully be easy enough to not make a health bar too necessary.

If enough people think that escaping should be a percentage chance rather than a guarantee, I'm all for changing that :)

Mardek definitely had it's influences on the game, the Mardek series and Epic Battle Fantasy series are my two favourite RPG series on Newgrounds.

Very happy to hear you liked it, thanks for your feedback!

Not bad at all. I've been looking for a good old fashioned turn based RPG, and this was satiable enough for my taste. If there's anything I would improve upon, it would actually be the way the dialogue is presented. A silent scroll seems a bit drab, and doesn't pull in the player's attention. Even a simple 8-bit beeping would be better than utter silence. Other than that, I enjoyed the game.

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TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, I get you. Having written the dialogue and read it through dozens of times now, I sort of forget how it may feel going into it new when there's an awful lot of it to read. Fair enough point.

Glad you liked it, thanks for the review!

Very Good! I hope this game passes.

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TheEnkian responds:

Thank you! It's always nice having the first review be positive.

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4.26 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2015
12:53 PM EST
Adventure - RPG