Get the Cake!

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Your goal is simple, get the cake. Simple WASD controls, with ONE bit that uses the mouse.

Hit the HINT button if you get stuck! it's there for a reason! xD

I don't wanna give away too much more because the objective of the game is to observe how the game works, and use what you've learned to get the cake.

This was made for the Global Game Jam 2015. The theme for GGJ 2015 was "What Do We Do Now?" and took place the weekend of January 23rd.

- Adam Kerr
- Tim Wang
- Regan Music

I'm interested to hear about any bugs that people experience, and also please tell me if you liked/hated the game :)

Note #1: The game will not work on Mac using chrome, so far as I know, you can try to load this page in Safari or Firefox instead. Also, you need a pretty good computer to be able to run it.

Note #2: Stop trying to jump. There is no jump button. It's not that the jump button is missing, or that it's broken, or that it's coming in a future development... there is no jump button, there isn't meant to be a jump button, the character can not jump, and is not supposed to jump. Nothing you can do will make him jump, and that's part of the design. There is no hidden button, and repeatedly pressing UP or SPACEBAR will not "encourage him" to jump. Not even in the slightest. Just stop, for the love of god stop. I was born in an era where jumping was commonly excluded from part of the game design, I realize this is not common nowadays. Anyway, no jumping, stop trying to jump, thanks.

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Found it a bit confusing at 1st but once I got the idea it was great fun! :D
GJ! Wouldn't mind more like this. :3

kerihobo responds:

Thanks mate! i will try to bring out some more stuff soon.

At one point the screen focuses on the fire ent or whatever it is, and the game is stuck on watching the fire being beat the cake mercilessly. The game no longer accepts controls afte this.

kerihobo responds:

fixed :)

(I think...)

I can't seem to get the cowboy (?) to move, he does the walk animation but stays in the exact same spot. Dunno what my computer's specs are but i'm using Chrome.

A star because i liked the style.

kerihobo responds:

fixed :)

Tricky but fun. Takes a little bit to understand what to do, but it's a puzzle game so it would suck if that wasn't the case!

kerihobo responds:

Thanks rebe.... CupcakeBecky! The improved hint system is implemented now so the frustration of understanding the objective should be much less grave.

Well, the game works for me, but the caracter moves around very slowly. Looks promising, though!

kerihobo responds:

fixed :)

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2015
10:38 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle