City Runner

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Playa 5 Points

Collect Over 50 Coins In 1 Run

Run Forest Run 5 Points

Ran over 200m

Can I Get A Loan 10 Points

Collect Over 200 Coins In 1 Run

Run Run As Fast As You Can 10 Points

Run Over 500m

How Big Is This City?! 25 Points

Run Over 2,500m

Marathon Runner 25 Points

Run Over 1,000m

Wolf Of This Street 50 Points

Collect 1,000 Coins In 1 Run

Author Comments

City Runner is a fast paced collect-a-thon game!

To Jump press W

Everytime you complete a run + 20 distance is added to your counter! Make sure to collect as many coins as you can and use them in the upgrade shop to run even further for more coins!

Scoreboard shows your total coins collected the whole time you play! Get more coins and be the best!



Kandonian responds:

Thanks!! Hope you enjoy it!

Are you a wolf of the street yet?

Also City Runner 2 is in the works and should be out in a month max.

The game was pretty fun and pretty addictive. Getting the last couple of medals were quite brutal and weren't that fun collecting at the end of the game. The completionists of myself have to go for it, but it might deter others from trying. There could have been more of a power up selection, but having any is always a good thing. The same song playing over and over, got a little tedious. I would prefer it playing all the time instead of repeating attempt after attempt. I wish the game picked up instead of slowing down with progression, but that's more so nit picking. The inclusion of medals is what gave it most of it's replay value. Overall it was alright.

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Kandonian responds:

Thanks for the feedback but I will defo take the suggestions on board when working on City Runner 2!

It was very repetitive. It needed some kind of other stuff thrown in to make it more of a challenge, to make it more fun. The music was nice though. It didn't get annoying or repetitive to me at all. The only problem I had with it is that I got the How Big Is This City and the Wolf Of This Street medals but when I checked it says I didn't get them.

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Well..I can't really say much about this game..
Animation: 1/5
Nothing interesting or amazingly good, simple animation with no particles etc.
Sound: 1/5
An annoying techno track that plays over and over again, not much effort was put into the soundtrack.
Idea: 1/5
The idea itself is nothing new + the conversion lacks good animation,sound or gameplay.
All in all a poor 1/5, not a very clever or fun game.
I don't recommend it.

The Watcher from Hell

It's not a bad game, however it is extremely boring. Though the idea is great, I would like to see more features added.

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Kandonian responds:

Just to let you know its coming to the app store on Android and is coming updated and with new features and content!

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Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2015
7:17 PM EST
Skill - Collect