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Kram Keep

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Author Comments

Kram Keep is a tiny “metroidvania” platformer.
Explore the castle, shoot enemies, and collect new abilities!
How much can I possibly cram into a single screen? You’re about to find out!

This game was started during Ludum Dare 31, with the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”, and was worked on for a bit after the event.

Controls can be checked and changed in the “Controls” menu.

~Default Controls~
Arrow Keys- Move, climb ladders
X- Jump
C- Shoot
Shift- Zoom in / out
Hold R- Return to last checkpoint (+1 Death)
Escape- Pause game

The game automatically saves your progress as you play. Select "Continue" from the main menu to load.

*Updated February 2nd, 2015*
I have changed the wall jump mechanic a bit, hopefully it will work better now.

*Updated February 4th, 2015*
I made Normal mode a bit easier in some sections.

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The heart above the starting place is obtainable, right?

i hate the enemies respawning but good game

I have spent sooooo much time playing this. The art style is charming, the physics are spot on, the difficulty is perfect, and the game is just downright enjoyable. I had a blast getting all the achievements, and I hope you make more games like this in the future!

Death mode is on spot difficulty (Very hard but doable).

Exactly what I expected it to be, a concise and fulfilling Metroidvania experience.