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EAt tHE POisON Episode 2

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A "punk" thing that is a place where strange things happen. You have to escape the room. Please write reviews, it makes me happy to know that someone cared enough to tell me what they thought. peace :D

Also, please play games by porpentine and hubol and increpare, you will enjoy them, they are awesome.

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very short, gameplay for 2 minutes

terrytheplatypus responds:

The ending is when you escape the room, did you get there? It's still short, yes, but if you didn't open the door, there's more, though it still might be only 5 minutes.

Sorry for the last review, right now, it's a really good game with a concept of art really different, now I can understand the reason of the music, I really liked it :) keep up the good work

terrytheplatypus responds:

thanks! You don't need to apologize for the last review, I probably wouldn't have noticed the bad resolution if you hadn't said in the review. It's not that I didn't play through the game on my own, but I didn't review it when I uploaded it here. Just a lesson, even if you think something meets your standards, check it again.

Short, but I love it. It's got a great concept. If you could extend the game, It would be amazing.

terrytheplatypus responds:

thanks! I'm making a bunch of these games under this name to explore different concepts, so I probably won't extend it, but there's a chance that I will.

The first song with the dick singer made me laugh so much. I really didn't expect that. Anyway, simple and funny. Keep the good work!

terrytheplatypus responds:


I like it, it's weird and quirky; I quite like all the musical parts of the game. It is not straight forward on what you must do which I also like. The amateurish artwork only adds to the overall bizarreness and charm of the game. My only complaint is that it could stand to be a little longer but overall it is a more than decent short game.

terrytheplatypus responds:

Thanks! I made it in a few days and I didn't really want to make any more, so it wouldn't be long. Part of the reason I made it short is because I'm going to do multiple games under this name "eat the poison", and they may be related, and they might be completely unrelated. This one is completely unrelated to the first one. But yeah, I usually like longer games too :P

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3.50 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2015
7:30 PM EST