In the Dark

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Find the Exit of the room, using W,A,S, D for Controlls. Stay away from the red creature. Every Stage it gets harder, than the last. Be quick, than the walls are making strange sounds.


I thought this was a really fun and enjoyable game! I really loved the music and the concept. the only part I didn't like was the how slow the character turns.

De l'envie mais beaucoup de maladresses qui perturbent l’expérience de jeu et qui la rend confuse. Ceci m'a l'air d'une trial donc on attends la version finale. Une très bonne musique cependant.

my video experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr7FNFApyhc

Eeeeeh... nice try, but a beautiful flame, a nice shining red creature and good ambient music don't make a good game.

Gameplay-wise, the first impression from the player comes from the controls... and these controls are way too unresponsive and give virtually no feedback (you start at the centre of the room and can't see you're moving till you're near the walls, and the trail the flame leaves behind is almost unnoticeable); my first impression was that the game just didn't work.

And OMG, that red creature is way too smart in stage 3. (Stage 3! That's just the second level it appears!) It responds perfectly to my input, so once I'm cornered, I can't get away. This stage becomes constant restart until o luck out and find the exit. I quit right there, I can't imagine how unfair and frustrating it gets. Furthermore, if the only difference between stages is the speed of the red creature, it becomes repetitive.

Sorry, the gameplay is just too bland, the controls are unacceptable and the concept was poorly expanded upon.

Can't touch your artistic taste, though; one star for presentation.

looking forward to the full game, except the character seems extremely slow

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not really any substantial interaction or visuals, but I liked the music

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2.36 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2015
3:18 PM EST
Puzzles - Other