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State of Zombies 2

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Author Comments

2d Zombie Shooter

Cartoon graphic
6 locations
20 weapons
talents system

Upgrade your character by killing zombies, and try to reach a rescue helicopter. The choice of 4 characters, choose who is more like it. To help you a huge amount of weapons, grenades, etc.

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this game may be a tad annoying but over all good game ♥

My simple brain appreciates simple shooters. Anything beyond moving, shooting, and the occasional secondary weapon makes my think sponge hurt. So I'm glad this game came my way.

With no names or backstories, you're dropped in to kill zombies. Colorful, slow-moving zombies, who pop out of the ground and try to make a meal of you. Killing them nets you experience points to level up different attributes, and ammo and money are found in boxes to aid you in your quest to gun down the undead.

Since the actual gameplay is solid enough, the only thing to complain about is what is the game missing? The one thing I can think of that the game most desperately needed to enhance the gameplay is the option to walk backwards while still firing forward. Without it, you're stuck turning your back to the zombie hoard to get some distance, then quickly turning around to get off a shot or two, then turning away again.

Greater variety in zombie types would've been neat. Aside from the filler slow-walking variety, one explodes in a poison gas, one leaves an acid puddle, and another in riot gear ricochets your bullets back at you. And since they all move more slowly than you, and their numbers are never totally overwhelming, you never get that desperate, fight-to-survive feel that zombie games need to give.

In all, this was a competently made game that fits the zombie-shooter bill nicely. A third game in the series would be welcome, and with a few additions it could be something great.

Une ENORME lenteur de mouvement de la part du personnage!!! Cela est très étrange car le jeu a l'air assez bien codé. Quelques bugs ici et là concernant les directions mais sinon cela fonctionne. Le jeu est beau et le système d'upgrades est classique mais efficace. Quel dommage pour la maniabilité!!!

my video experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdLGtO3GFk0

The art reminds me of Zombieville USA, gameplay is kinda slow, and a lil boring, good leveling system, and plenty of weapons to use, the aiming basic, needs more, mouse aiming would be a perfect fit, if there is a sequel, plz add that... it would make the game easier to play...

Run speed feels incredibly slow at the start, and I wish you could aim freely with the mouse to toggle forward/background view without having to swap view to move away from zombies, and not be able to shoot in the process.

The game overall seems great. Plenty of upgrades, smooth controls, interface, music, etc. Not that fastpaced at the start, but good fun. Keep it going!


Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2015
12:57 PM EST