What Do We Do Now? (GGJ 2015)

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A visual puzzle game which challenges the game to figure out what to do in order to advance to the next screen. Made during GGJ 2015 and based on its ridiculously vague theme: "What do we do now?"



Gets a bit annoying with that intensely red background light each time you make an error! But the concept itself was fun. It's all presented in a very simple way, from the very start, one keyboard-related (well, mouse too, you discover eventually) puzzle on each screen, that sometimes gives a hint if you take long enough to solve it. Feels like there should've been an instruction at least on the first frame, to tell what the game's about, to mention it's a puzzle; maybe what device you need to use to solve each part. But, once you get into it it's good, each obstacle varied and innovative; the graphics as smooth as the mechanics. Interesting work!


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I like it. It's well made and the puzzles aren't too hard. Easy to pass through each level if you don't overthink it. The game itself was rather large and I couldnt see everything without scrolling but it was still a good game.

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Intéressant de mettre le son au centre de la narration mais tout cela ne me semble pas assez prononcé. C'est bien dommage car cela pourrait apporter de belles choses autant au niveau visuel que narratif. Un peu de développement supplémentaire pourrait vraiment en faire quelque chose de bien.

my video experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvNBhbfYSxY

After a few into things it just said here's a piece of cheese and went white screen
None of that was fun

quite exciting concept!

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3.33 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2015
4:02 PM EST
Puzzles - Other