Mushroom Monday

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The game was made during the Global Game Jam 15 withing 48h @CologneGameLab. Have fun!

The game is about a student who has to search for his USB on presentation day. His fellow student forces him to quickly find it. The student had a great party before the exam day and will have some strange side effects during his search.

You have to find the USB stick.

You walk with the WASD keys and interact with the left buttons. You look around with the mouse. After 5 minutes you will lose your mind.

Made by
- Aleksandra Zaricin
- Djamel Berkaoui
- Falk Fabri
- Jevgenijs Danilins

Extern Resources:
- 3D Models by Turbosquid
- Music by Bensound
- Sounds by freesound.org

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If the idea was to make a game that was completely unplayable after about 30 seconds then congratulations, you succeeded.

A "find the tiny object" game where you can't see for 95% of the time. Add to that the annoying repetitiveness of "hurry up" "HUUUURRRY UUUP" and the strange fact that most cabinets/doors/drawers don't open, while one refused to close and literally ended up floating in the middle of the living room. Add to the above an implausible plot about how the drugs you're on from last night will kill you in five minutes if you don't find a USB stick for school. The result? A mediocre game rendered nearly unplayable by faulty design.

if the point was to make an unplayable game, then i say good job to you sir! otherwise it sucks. I took mushrooms before and i don't remember not being able to see....and for this to be the monday after the party....well this guy must have eaten a whole field of shrooms!is this some sort of anti drug commercial? anyway, the game did nothing but annoy me...so blam blam blam

Interesting idea for a search and find game... though those 'special effects' don't feel so special when they're as constant as they are, wish there'd be some variation there, some normality to balance out the trip. Control; scenery otherwise isn't bad, that of it which you see. Keep it going!


LITTLE LESS EFFECT PLEASE still had my fun raging, found the stick tho ;D wasn't that hard, i mean it was an obvious place... well for my standards. The controlls where a little bit trolling me, because you usually can crouch in games... and well, i think searching arround without crouching is a bit weird...

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Jan 27, 2015
3:07 PM EST
Adventure - Other