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Can you figure out what to do next?

Explore the difficulties of old retro computers using #BOS code

BOS code created by Bug Games :D it's not a real language.

BOS done by Bug Games --- www.bug-games.net

as an entry for Global Game Jam 2015 --- www.globalgamejam.com

Programmer: Danar Kayfi --- @DanarKayfi
Artiest: Mohammad Al-Dmour (Moe) --- @LightOfDarkness

Special Thanks to

Anmar M. Al-Obaidy --- @PhAnmar
Jordan Gaming Lab (Jam Site) --- www.GamingLab.jo

Note: some SFX are from soundbible.com

#GGJ15 #MadeWithUnity #GamingLab #BugGames


Beat the game. I was as frustrated as the rest of you. I rebooted the machine ran the game again and it fired right up. Just like real life. I admire the creators dedication to dealing with crappy old computers. Just wish more DOS commands worked. Could have ran the game from a floppy. Cool concept though, nice work guys.

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BugGames responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for playing the game :)

The only command I could figure out was "FUCK YOU" lol!

BugGames responds:

heheheheheh Good :D
try Help ;)

It would be better to give hints about what the commands are, but this gave me a good laugh because i thought "outside the box" like when i played that insanely difficult game. That's funny. However, the most hilarious thing was this command I shall reveal. If you type "F * * * you" the computer goes ". . . ." and shuts down as if you hurt it's feelings! THEN, it resets all of your progess! It's not even a part of the hidden commands I don't think because of that, so it's SUPER secret.

I can't believe I actually typed that and it actually did something...haha. Needless to say I was laughing for a while, that was really funny, haha. I wish I knew the other commands but I figured out a few of them, if you added more to this it would be more fun and less frustrating. I'm interested to see this game get updated, I'll keep checking this game for updates. Nice job for what it is.

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BugGames responds:

We are glad that the game made you laugh and you had some fun time :)
Note: the credit the have some clues ;)
by the way you can recommend some commands by sending it to our email (info@bug-games.net) or directly by twitter (@BugGames) or direct to me (@DanarKayfi)
and we may chose on of your commands in the future updates ;)
Thanks again for your feedback

Best Regards
Danar Kayfi

So I started up and beat the turning triangle in a maze and moving it to get to the star game.

I guess all there's left to do is to find the 14/17 hidden commands I didn't enter yet?

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BugGames responds:

Thanks for your feedback and invest sometime and play the game :)
yes you almost beat the whole game congrats :)
more content will be added in future... as this game was originally done in 48 hours in the Global Game Jam 2015.

Needs a way better explanation. Couldn't figure out anything other than turning it on. Where are the instructions?

BugGames responds:

thanks for your feedback and playing the game...
the game supposed to give you this feeling of (what do we do now) as it was the theme for the Global Game Jam 2015.
but all the way to play/run the game in this computer and beat it are inspired from the difficulties to play games before on these retro computer.
Anyways you have a point, and we will consider it in the future updates.

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2.85 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2015
5:12 PM EST
Puzzles - Other