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This is my first attempt at spoken word poetry.
I decided to animate it and this is the result.

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I agree with CoreyLowry, maybe you could slow down the narrative a bit, just a tad.
Then again, I didn't mind to watch this twice to get everything you said, since this is a good animation, entertaining, yet informative and thoughtful.
Your spoken word poetry (or slam poetry, as some call it) is indeed kind of catchy.

You sure got a talent for voice acting and animation, hope to see more of your work soon!

Nice Message! I'm with maddude13... You could also slow down the narrative a bit so that it can register a little easier... You got heart and that's important. Keep up the good work.

The message is worthy a five star rating!!!
The delivery... um... needs work. Okay, I believe in you. I believe you are a real artist, straight through to the bone. You were born this way (like many of us), and you didn't ask for it as a role in life, but YOU ARE AN ARTIST... and with that, you are a humanitarian.
This holds a beautiful message, and it NEEDS to be said. There are also those who would stand against you. "F" 'em!
As an artist, especially if you have even an inkling of interest toward fame, consider first, that an artist has a careful line to walk. Either people will "love" his/her work, or they will "hate" it. That's an immutable fact.
If you do your job as an artist, you will evoke a response from me (your audience) as basal and visceral as possible. Then (and only then) have you truly done your job as an artist... AND no, it doesn't particularly matter which way I (on the individual basis) feel as such...

Constructively :
Less of the "background music" and more of the foreground/ vocal! In other words, since you put forth so much effort to say something, I want to hear what it was that you wanted to say!!! Even if you offend me a little bit... even if it stings and satirizes my life particularly, I want to know what it is that you think is so important as to put this kind of work behind it. You are animating, and it's a LOT of repetitive work... So DO NOT LET THE SOUNDTRACK DROWN YOU OUT...
Okay, please, have some mercy on some of us. We don't all have a super-expensive sound system and ultimate computer to separate that stuff... Just make sure your message is heard above the rest of the "entertainment"...
There's some other stuff where your visual isn't exactly adding to the narrative (the telling of your story or the talking points) but you probably already know where that is and where I'd have to go with it...
If not you can see who I am, so you can ask q

Well, I got to give it to you for your effort and dedication 5/5

Hope to see more from you.

I was hoping id find something like this today