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A Turn Based 4X war game set in a cluster of stars. Keep your home system safe while attempting to take over enemy home worlds.

Build fleets of enormous ships and use them to colonize other systems, take over enemy territory and defend your own. Upgrade your civilizations capabilities through research and development and build a tough defensive position.

Or build up an armada and eliminate the enemy from your stars

Mouse or touch driven.
/ chat
- zoom out
= zoom in
h home system
arrow keys to move map

Send fleets to other systems. Once there, they will begin colonizing that system. After a few turns, the system will be brought under your control (unless contested by an enemy). Once under your control, you can upgrade that system with various platforms that will increase its economic and military productivity, and its defensive capabilities.
Fleets can take over other systems, defend them and engage in battle with enemy fleets. You can choose to lead those fleets into the individual battles in a stand alone game (integrated with this war one) or concentrate on the overall strategy and leave the fighting to them.

A new feature: Launch Humans vs Aliens vs Robots: Chase by clicking "Mine Asteroids" and earn bonus RPoints in a casual side game.

This is still in beta and feedback is welcome!

It looks like all launch issues have been taken care of. Please enjoy the game!

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Game is down, or on a corrupted website? Too bad - sounded rather interesting.

I can't even join any game!

ok, well this whatever problem isn't that intermittent. I can end turn 2 over and over if I want, and have it say I gain my R/turn but not get them and be in turn 2 still. So horribly bugged :)

Scrolling around seemed confusing or bugged too.

pchoo responds:

Sorry about that.

Looks like there was one more component that needed to be updated. Hopefully this problem is now resolved, and people can enjoy the game.

The scrolling is all browser native for the most part. But you can get around with the arrow keys, double clicking on systems to move them into focus, or clicking on all the event details to zip around to where the action is.

I don't know why, but the game is horribly bugged. I pressed next turn, it restarted the same turn, no gain in money, or anything. End Turn #1 became really boring to press after 50 tries. Oh it's turn 1 again how pleasant... The game is bullshit. I'm not saying that because I disliked it, I'm saying that as I can't do anything in it. No matter how much I wanted to have another turn, it didn't work. I should have gained 158R/Turn I gained 0 and it was still turn 1 each time I pressed the end turn button. I like 4X games usually, but when they bug out and there's nothing I can do to change that, then the game is bad. So no, I'm not gonna play this game again. As a matter of fact ever. I consider this a really bad game. Just so you know, I know it's Beta, I know it takes a shit ton of coding to make a game good, but still if a game is released even as a Beta and you can't do anything in it then it's automatically a failure. Here's an idea, 1. Fix it so basic mechanics WORK, 2. Make sure that you don't ever change that code, unless it's to clean said code. 3. Add other mechanics and make sure they work. This is as is unplayable and I actually had hope when I saw the description.

pchoo responds:

Hey there. Sorry it wasted your time.

It looks like a network topology problem, which I'm working to resolve. It also seems to be very intermittent. Which is making it difficult to diagnose.

Best of luck in your future gaming endeavours

this looks awesome! too bad i cant fight anybody on it :(

pchoo responds:

I hear that! I made this specifically for multiplayer, and only added the single player when I realized nobody would probably try it if they have to wait for a match.

You can create a game, leave it open and tell the system to send you an email when other users join or finish their turn.

If it warrants it, I'll add a better match making system to it. But in the meantime the email notification was my best idea.

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2.52 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2015
9:39 PM EST
Strategy - Other