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Oldschool FPS.
Hardcore classic gameplay. Huge hordes of monsters. Blood. Fun.
Play with your best friends: shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun, a homemade rifle and Rocket launcher.
Send to the grave evil chickens, aliens and other evil spirits.
Collect the missing parts of the monument at each location.

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This has got to be the most authentic FPS game I've played in Unity so far! Graphics are gritty and oldskool, music inspiring, you get introduced to two monsters and two weapons in the same amount of time right at the start... and though level layout is somewhat blocky and plain, enemies/weapons generic and nameless, it looks like fun! For me, lag makes it difficult to aim and move around though, greatly bringing down the experience. Not sure if it'd have any effect, but maybe caching resources locally could speed things up for people on 'normal' computers? Would love to play more of this. Nice work!


Literally 2 frames per second on my macbook. Based on my own experiments with Unity, I am sure it's fillrate-limited. Optimization would involve using simpler shaders, a smaller screen size, or both.

Mouse movement feels extremely limited if I use my actual mouse. Using a laptop's mousepad felt more natural-- a single swipe resulted in about 8x the speed of using my mouse to perform a similar swipe. I recommend adding a mouse sensitivity slider that can go down to 10% and up to 1000% to accommodate different users on different setups. This should be on a menu available with one click from the pause screen as well as the title screen.

Once I managed to pick up some shotgun shells, I walked forward into the left-hand door and turned left. It was dark so I instinctively pressed F to try and turn on my Flashlight. Nothing happened but I started taking damage. I based into the shotgun room and saw that there were two black monsters on a black background killing me. Pressed fire several times but the shotgun only fired once. Not sure which kind of lag was responsible for this death.

Overall, the game felt unplayable on my computer. If you won't optimize the graphics, how about some recommended system stats?

Note: I can play FPSes, including Unity FPSes, on this computer. I just can't play this one.

Very good game but it could be better with a mute button.
By the way to kill with the shotgun you have to shoot at the head or at close range.

Assez joli avec une IA pas fofolle mais qui tient la route. C'est cependant assez mou niveau jouabilité et on a l'impression que c'est du une arme des monstres, une autre armes des monstres. Bref cela manque de travail de game design pour le moment.

my video experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=448z3Uz_xcA

two things:

1. this game is a shameless,,poorly executed ripoff of serious sam minus the fun factor. gone is the catharsis of blowng away baddies into gory chunks. somehow, someway, they just won't die. i literally fired 12 shotgun rounds into a monster and he wouldn't die. i also dislike the recoil factor for the machine gun. why should the camera pan up and throw off my aim? very poor design choice.

2. the music is a never ending loop. really annoying. also, the graphics would pass muster if this was 1998 but it's 2014 and you are relying on a graphics scheme that (while good for a few nostalgia moments) is completely unlikable. there's almost no lighting, the terrain is flat with no color save for dull brown and green and the movement speed is like glue.

all in all, it was a nice effort but here's a tip: the player should be your primary focus, gameplay comes secondary and level design and graphics should be planned ahead of time. i suggest you play DOOm or Quake, maybe a bit of Halo or even star trek elite force and really try to imagine why those games are fun and why yours needs improvement

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3.80 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2015
9:21 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person