Secret Agent Drinking

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Author Comments

Secret Agent Drinking Test 0063

Entry for #tagjam18.

Answer math question whlie being served a drink for each correct answer. No errors are allowed.

References to alcoholic beverages are made in the game.

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its nice but its hard to find the result in all of those numbers

Nice game. Thanks for your effort

Didn't enjoy it. Not sure what it has to do with secret agents. Should be called "virtual math drinking game": because that is what it is - a math game, played while drinking, without the benefits of alcohol making everything funny.

The game dynamic is really simple and not very creative. You just answer really simple math questions, try to find the answer, while everything gets more blurry and the screen jerks to the left every now an then. I think it is done well, just boring.

Blurry effect was OK. The strange myoclonic jerking of the screen (always to the left) was really annoying - and is a pretty lazy way of trying to distract the player: a better way would be to pan the visual field to look at something distracting ("ooo, look a plant pot", "ooo, look a window"), and have a "focus" button to force the view to snap back (focus button would need a timeout, to stop players continually clicking it!).

You could have also used a narrowing of the visual field around the mouse, before it snaps back (sort of like closing you eyes, then opening them again: "I'm awake, really officer"). Could have a "wake up" button for that...

The game also lacks any kind of charm or interest: for example, when you mouse over a drink, the secret agent could tell you what it is, and how much he/she is looking forward to it. Also surprised the secret agent makes NO running commentary (a missed opportunity): for example, say you answer 2+1 correctly, the secret agent says "Cup of tea!" (it's the bingo call for number 3).

And the 8-bit sound really doesn't match the styling of the game. Also you haven't even bothered with a secret agent themed background music.

Needs work - mostly on the gameplay.

matpg responds:

Great reivew, rating could be a little better. Those ideas are really good, will think of them for Secret Agent Drinking Test 0064. The game was made during the last day of #tagjam18 at gamejolt. It took a long time to come up with idea, therefore the late start. Made it for fun of creating a game. Can really see how some of your ideas would enhance the feeling and gameplay.

Keep on writing constructive reviews

Quite good. Forces you focused computing the answers as the blur effect (getting drunker) increases the difficulty! It is very entertaining and a nice fresher for the old math skils!

This is my game. Need some Math-Practice. =) I would love to see a little more blur drunken effects at the end. Its great fun to play. An alternative name for the game: Cocktail Simulator 2015

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2.45 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2015
8:56 AM EST
Simulation - Other