Bad Bad Mettaurs

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First thought of doing a random vs battle but I'm hesitant because I might work for like 3 weeks or a month and it feels unproductive. So I thought of doing a simpler scene where Ashe is just assaulting an indestructible Mettaur and the Mets were laughing behind because the Helmet is actually empty. Originally planned it to be a 30-40 seconds film but I made some changes that makes it much longer and better. Working with this is time consuming, I just don't realize I've been working for hours. I worked for 13 days but I'm happy with the final product!

Some sprites were ripped by me. I can't find some of the Sprites I needed on the net. The ripped sprites were quite messed up but it might be unnoticeable to many though. I did this because I just want to play with sprites which I haven't done for years actually. Besides, doing this will make me feel great! It was enjoyable except it was time-consuming.

Hope you Enjoy!

Remember folks! Don't mess with the wrong guy or you'll end up like these "BAD BAD METTAURS"! :D


"I'm sorry, we won't do it again."
(Ashe leaves)
(The third Mettaur fires at her)
(The two Mettaurs are horrified)
(Ashe gets angry and smashes them)
Funniest part in the whole movie! 10/10!

Just my kind of megaman humor. Real good job haha!!

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heh,Amazing work,dude :D

So, class, what have we learned? Don't ever mess with Omega.

You'll be sorry!

Cute, funny and cool... or, as Elpizo would say:FABULOUS!

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Jan 24, 2015
8:37 AM EST
Comedy - Parody