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-- We adjusted turning a lot, especially at higher upgrade levels and higher digging speeds.
-- When you take damage, you're invincible while you're blinking.
-- You now save your money when you win the game and when you restart early from the pause menu.
-- Radar 2 now shows color. (Shows same area)
-- Radar 3 now shows a larger area, and demons and epics are on it.
-- Epic finds are now way more common.
-- Enemies are less common in early levels as you upgrade your digger.

EDIT: We've found out that FireFox doesn't handle HTML5's blending. So the foreground tiles and two of the radars don't work right. This is a known bug in Firefox. Safari, on the other hand, doesn't handle WebGL at all, and the game should tell you so. Safari users will simply have to use another browser. Or like... heckle Apple about WebGL or something. FireFox users should try another browser too, since it looks better.

Upgrade your digger and plunge through 13 layers of the Earth to prove that if you dig deep enough, you really will make to China.


eh. It could had been more in my opinion, but it was ok.

It got repetitive really quick, but I continued probably because I wanted to see the end.

After I beat it I kept trying to see if I could win without moving, only boosting. took three tries.

so yea, a good time passer for a couple hours.

i liked the game, but i can not agree with" zflxdverdammt " that its better then mother load, nothing tops that digging game.
4 stars well crafted decent amount of upgrades and proper progression.

I give you extra kudos for the fact you kept the objective alive through out the whole game, which is to get to china. Most would expect you need to grind a little on the lower floors to get deeper, and aim for objects, but the most effective thing to do is to get as far as you can because the more you progress the more objects are worth.

So i wanted to play this game through before writing a review. I have to say this game is awesome! It reminds me a bit of motherload but i like this game way better. I really wanted to see some rares wich give you 200 money additional or something like this. This is the only thing i would change. It is really fun to upgrade your digging maschiene step by step . I had to upgrade him full :D Well done Team!!!

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Awesome game, PuffballsUnited!!! I love games that you can upgrade things!!! Please make another henry stickman game :)

It looks like a good game if you look at it from far away... but from up close, AWESOME!!!

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2015
6:48 AM EST
Skill - Toss