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-- We adjusted turning a lot, especially at higher upgrade levels and higher digging speeds.
-- When you take damage, you're invincible while you're blinking.
-- You now save your money when you win the game and when you restart early from the pause menu.
-- Radar 2 now shows color. (Shows same area)
-- Radar 3 now shows a larger area, and demons and epics are on it.
-- Epic finds are now way more common.
-- Enemies are less common in early levels as you upgrade your digger.

EDIT: We've found out that FireFox doesn't handle HTML5's blending. So the foreground tiles and two of the radars don't work right. This is a known bug in Firefox. Safari, on the other hand, doesn't handle WebGL at all, and the game should tell you so. Safari users will simply have to use another browser. Or like... heckle Apple about WebGL or something. FireFox users should try another browser too, since it looks better.

Upgrade your digger and plunge through 13 layers of the Earth to prove that if you dig deep enough, you really will make to China.


Fun with good graphics. I like the friend having to patch the hole everyday.
Personal taste but I like when upgrading help me to storm easily through the beginning to reach later stages quickly. The digger would do that. The cooler tough only help at the center of the earth and doesn't change the game experience. So when you are able to get there, you have to do multiple runs just to buy coolant to get nearer without change to the game play. That pretty much slow progression and suck the fun. Also I think the health should be in the form of a life bar instead of health units. This way, early obstacles could do less damage and later ones could do more.
Last thing, the first two versions of the radar are useless. Other game have found ways of making multilevel radar where even the first one was a good help.
I like the imaginaion of your game. Makes me thing of the other one with the boy who wanted to destroy the moon for fear of werewolf. Could have been fun to have a little more backstory. Like knowing why the little boy is so motivated to get on the other side.

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innersloth responds:

Thank you for the awesome review! You gave a lot of helpful comments!

I found the game to enjoyable with few glitches. There where only a few issues, none of which where game breaking or made it less fun. The music i had to turn off after a bit of playing but was glade to see a mute button in the menu, but found a small glitch with muting the sound would switch with the music when restarting this happened only a few times. I just had to go to the title screen to set the options that way. a little slow down when picking up items to quickly for another one. But this is a flash game so no biggy. Devils don't show up on the level 3 radar. Some objects from the outer core are just floating in the core. Again not that big of a deal. The launch from the start many times would be launched into many objects I made it through a few times with out hitting one. but the most i hit was six before my starter boost was done. (bad luck on my part i guess.) Oh I couldn't find any of the Epic digs of the four. I don't know if the kid was saying a hint. But maxed out everything. But Would be nice if when you finished the game you got to keep your loot from that run. Other then that didn't find much wrong with the game. It was fun and killed about two hours. The music was nice if not a little repetitive. And the sound effects where good, if not very diverse. When I saw the top three max level pushes was kind of hoping to shoot out of the other side of the planet, but The ending was nice if not a bit anti climactic. But good work.

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innersloth responds:

All are fair points. We definitely could've polished the game more but we wanted to move on.

There's so many obstacles that immediately after launch, you lose at least half your health due to collisions that you can't avoid because you're moving too fast to steer properly. On top of that, the game feels like a really toned down version of Motherload. There's nothing to motivate me to keep getting upgrades.

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innersloth responds:

We just addressed some of this. Better steering upgrades should help you dodge stuff, and fewer enemies early means you shouldn't take such a beating up front. Maybe give it another shot?

TIL: The earth is like 7-8km in diameter :-P

Game was really fun though :)

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innersloth responds:

Haha, yeah, we mixed up our miles and km... Just maybe. Glad you liked it though!

I love this kind of game. Try and get somewhere by upgrading slowly. But this game doesn't do it very well. As others have said... The hit detector isn't great sometimes. Can register a hit when there's nothing around. The blinking after a hit should mean invulnerability, that way you don't hit several objects grouped too close together to be able to dodge and die. The field of view is terrible and needs to be way bigger. The radar is ineffectual because of the field of view as well. Work on those and this will be a really fun game!

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innersloth responds:

Well, we fixed some of this. Particularly turning for better dodging and the invincibility frames. Sadly, the field of view is kind of limited by the game being designed to eventually be on phone screens... But we did also upgrade the field on the last radar to help separate it from the second radar.

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Jan 23, 2015
6:48 AM EST
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