The Boneless

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Enemy Killer 5 Points

Kill 50 Enemies

Death To Us All 5 Points

Died 25 Times

Fancy Hat 5 Points

Destroyed Boneless Hat

Cristal Clear 10 Points

Destroyed that Kinky Glass

Blasted Him Out 25 Points

Destroyed That Big Mass

Boneless Killer 50 Points

Killed The Boneless

The Three 50 Points

Won the game with the three players

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


Play as The Cyrus, The Freak or The ???? in an epic battle against your BOSS…well our boss…The Boneless Boss.
Fun Fact: This game was made by our boss as a parody of ourselves (he is not really our boss, but it’s fun that he believes that he is our boss…actually he was our boss long ago…but I think these things are not important right now). Hope you enjoy it.

Ah, there are some cool intros for each character as well, so go on and skip them.

-------- Features --------
- 3 different intros.
-You can select between 3 characters.
-Battle against a big boss that has 4 states.
-Bullets and annoying enemies.

-------- Controls --------
Use Arrow Keys or WASD to move your player. Press SPACE , Z or Left Click to fire bullets.
Hold Down SPACE, Z or Left Click to use your special power.
M mutes and unmutes music.
P Pauses the game.

-------Available On------
Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-boneless/id952540901
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.theboneless.dayswithmyboss

-------- Visit Us At--------
or follow us at


What is love?

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aguaoxigenada responds:

Baby, don't hurt me !!!


aguaoxigenada responds:

We design hateful things brou...

A pretty fun game, I tend to like extended boss battles. The one hit deaths and lack of healthbars are a bit annoying, but I'm guessing that you were trying to emulate the classic Nintendo games which are known for that sort difficulty.

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aguaoxigenada responds:

Thanks for the comment brou !!!
It was a gift to my coworkers...and a good way to stress them was the one hit death and no health bars.

While not the best of games, I really did enjoy this. It's mostly because it's easy to understand. I appreciate the sounds and designs. It seems like everything is about "Attack On Titan" recently. I even managed to get some medals! I will admit it was a bit redundant.

It did really motivate you to work harder. You got 0 points for everything! I assume you get some if you kill the monster. I'm not sure if the projectiles count as enemies. I mean, you can destroy them.

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As a joke game it comes across at 3.5/-4 out of 5.

As an actual game it's more along the lines of a 3, you get 1 life. Even most 90's games didn't get you that hard of a time and those that did also let you build up some before that one. Here you are facing something with what seems like basics vs a ohko, got to stage 2 and got bored since all it takes it 1 hit and oh look back to 0. Really inspires me to keep playing.

The few saving graces came from the music and the jokes beyond that..it's eh.

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aguaoxigenada responds:

Yeah, that’s true. I made the game difficult on purpose so my office friends could suffer!! I thought on bringing down the difficulty before I submit it here, but then mysteriously I heard Ziggy Marley’s song "True To Yourself" in my head and just decided to leave it as is.

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Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2015
7:03 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight