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My Message to you!

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I've been wanting to do this since 2006 it's my dream!

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a pretty risky, and ambitious animation project, but a good and honest project at that!
i like your spirit, and if i can tell by this trailer, you will do a good job at reviving the knox-korner series of claymen.

my advice tho:

1. in your next claymations/knox movies, add less talking/intros, and more claymation action in them.
this episode/teaser/trailer had a lot of talking/words and some people below disliked it.
ofcourse, the trailer/intro MUST have many words that explain why you started this project, and i particularly liked your intro, however, some people in here have a very short attention span, and a bad mood, so yeah, in your next episodes add more claymation action, and less words/intros.

2. if you are going to revive the knox's claymation series, better add a few things that are yours.
add a few characters that you created, along with a storyline that will be yours, original and fresh, and combine your characters with knox's characters, for example lets say, create a character named william bigelow, and lets say that william is a hypochondriac and he pays a visit at (knoxs) Dr. bob!
see? this could be a nice lil story for you to develop.
all i want to say is:
revive the knox series, show some of knox's key characters, but also add many of your own characters/create new characters/add new stories and stuff, so that you can leave your mark in NG's claymations!

trust me, do those things and you will become alot better!
here's to more, new, epic claymations!

Look kid, I know Robert Benfer (Knox Korner) was your big inspiration. He was mine too. But you need to understand that every good series needs to come to an end. And Robert knew just when to end it. You can never bring it back. Although you can try making your own original clay series, but I recommend trying an original clayman design aside from Robert's design. And maybe even a new name for your series. I'm just saying you should try to be more original, and if keep working hard I think you'll make something great. I hope you can improve. Good luck!

nicely done

Meh. Just, meh. No offense, but perhaps you should have posted this message in the credits of the first episode. Also, better search Newgrounds Audio-Portal as source for music