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Defend US!

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Deathember 25th 5 Points

Kill 25 enemies.

Infantry 5 Points

Get 10 levels.

My saves 5 Points

Gather 500 gold.

Turret the Seventh 5 Points

Place seven turrets.

Well...uhm... 5 Points

Sell 5 turrets.

Brigade 10 Points

Get 100 levels.

Fifty tombstones of Grey 10 Points

Kill 50 enemies.

Fourteen? 10 Points

Place fourteen turrets.

Life's plan 10 Points

Gather 1500 gold.

No damage 10 Points

Survive for 10 waves without taking damage.

Officers 10 Points

Get 50 levels.

Survivor 10 Points

Survive for 10 waves.

Generals 25 Points

Get 200 levels.

Loyal defender 25 Points

Survive for 25 waves.

Reproduce 25 Points

Get a lvl 9 turret.

The purge 25 Points

Kill 100 enemies.

Twenty-seven 25 Points

Place twenty-seven turrets

Home alone 50 Points

Survive for 25 waves without taking damage.

Massacre 50 Points

Kill 500 enemies.

Unbeatable 50 Points

Survive for 50 waves.

Can't touch this 100 Points

Survive for 50 waves without taking damage.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

>>> DEFEND US 2 IS HERE! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/657805

Welcome to Defend US!

In this Tower Defense game, you need to buy turrets in order to defeat the enemy! Be sure they don't enter into the house.
The game is in both english and spanish!

At first, you'll just have 1 turret and 0 items, yeah, but you can unlock NINE more turrets and SIX items! You can do that by unlocking achievements (40!). Some achievements are directly linked to Newgrounds medal system (24).

The map is generated randomly, and there are three different themes (Plains, Tundra, Lab). The waves are generated randomly too, so be sure you're not too unlucky (heheh...).
If you have 50 or less health, the background music will change. This also happens if you have 25 or less health!

This is important: turrets gain more exp as you reach higher waves, but enemies get stronger too, so a bad turret positioning may lead to death.

One more thing: I need feedback! What do you think? Did you enjoyed the game? Did you found a bug? (Also, I'm not native, maybe there are some mistakes). You can tell me whatever you want by sending me a PM or just post a review.


>Click to select and place turret. You can click a turret to see extra info.
>ESC to cancel or menu.
>E to show/hide interface.

TODO List:
· Add an achievement list.
· Add tips and hints.

EDIT: game is a bit less difficult.

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Place around 15 rockets near enemy spawn. RIP Enemy and RIP frames haha.

dev can you fix the lag of this pls

It's a great game, but there are a few flaws.
The crimson, great idea, but it's very nature makes it worthless in the game. It either needs to be made more powerful or have it's cost reduced. As it stands it's not worth employing early game due to it's prohibitive cost, and not worth while late game because it will almost never get a kill (and thus never increase in power beyond leveling). It also loses some of it's worth around lvl 10 when it can't one shot kill anything anymore.
Lagging, I don't know how to fix this issue because the issue has to due with the number of blood splats on the map, combined with the number of shots fired/sec with the number of guns. Once you get to about lvl 25-30 it starts to slow down and ends up grinding to a near halt once you get into the 80s or above.
Leveling glitches, when the guns level while there are still enemies, way to often they won't shoot. It only happens for one shot, but always immediately after a level up.
However the positives more than outweigh the negatives on this game, the randomly generated maps are fantastic, the unlocking of the weapons, the various kinds of enemies (I hate those healers, especially when they're grouped up, which makes it sooooooo much more satisfying to murder the crap outta them.), the wide variety of guns and the ways they can be used to augment each other, the various strategies that can be implemented with the random maps.
All in all a great game.

Great game, but around level 30 it starts to get laggy. a lot

great game but the medic are a little OP