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Qubed : New Adventures

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The adventure of Qubed continues - lots of new challenges, obstacles and addictive puzzles to solve, tons of fun in this nice physics based platformer game!
Try to collect all the stars on each level to get additional bonuses.

WASD or ARROWS keys - move and jump
SPACE - split/merge characters
ESC - pause
R - restart

Play Qubed: New Adventures and have fun !

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Good graphics, insteresting level design, fun music, simple but very fun gameplay.

Definitely too easy, even with stars... until level 8. Then it gets pretty tricky. I wish levels... say, 3 through 6 had some sort of difficulty curve. (Maybe they do, it's just too subtle).

At first I didn't like the controls, but they turned out to be a nice requirement of skill. I think the player should be able to scroll around the level (maybe with the mouse), for two reasons: the cubes are slow ; and sometimes you want to peek the rest of the level before moving a box or barel.

I noticed I couldn't merge the little cubes when they're vertically aligned while hugging a wall. Was this intentional? If so, you should've still given some feedback - pressing space and nothing happening ... sure, it's a small, insignificant frustration, but it's still frustration.

Also, I must take my hands off the keyboard in order to start the next level. Why?!!? -_-

Definitly a jolly, very engaging game. Good job.

It's one more fun, fast-paced; charming Cube-character platformer! Plenty of playability, catchy music and simple control. Good game!


Good classic physpuzzle. Perhaps it is necessary to speed up a little physics.

Great game, love the graphics and cool concept

Don't make platformers where you have to wait for moving platforms to come to you. Ain't nobody got time for that.