Mushy Dick.

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Like I said, a story about Soap Operas, Viagra Commercials and mushy dicks.


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The imagery in this one. XD Just so perfect. It really goes all the way in the end too...


Funny. The dialogue really carries the story, and the quick editing really helps.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) I will always admit I am a crap animator and I don't really aspire to being an animator because it's hard and even simple animations can take forever when they are well done. Anyway, I am more of a closet cartoonist and humorist and I mostly do all this for fun and as a hobby. :-)

Never have I once, ever before, heard of ED called a "mushy dick problem", but now I think that should be what it's called. I seriously cannot stop laughing. Really funny video!

tonyfamous responds:

thanks titangirl. :-)

Thought there was more and didn't expect it to end like that lol. You guys must be old because nobody watches soap operas anymore

tonyfamous responds:

my wife does. :-P