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Thumb Warz Championship

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Battle it out for the Thumb Warz Championship!
Play 2 player against a friend on the same PC using the typical A, W, D vs Arrow key controls.
The game aims to simulate the frustration and adrenaline of thumb warring against friends.
In this version of the game stand on the opponents head to pin them for 3 seconds to win the bout and take the championship belt. The fighter with the most wins retains the belt.
We will be adding more to the game like character selection, different match types such as Belt Match, and Royal Rumble, P1vsCPU, P1vsP2 AND PVP online matchmaking if it goes to mobile.
The game is currently very WIP and is designed for casual multiplayer fun at its core and it's a barrel of laughs. Please tell us what you like or dont like about the game. We will be updating the game with new art and polishing the gameplay soon.

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Hate to state but the fighting mechanisms don't work at all. Can't attack and I checked my entire keyboard.

ParanormalGameStudio responds:

You don't attack. you only jump on top of the other player and pin them down for 3 seconds. there's no other objective with the current game type. we will have other match types later. Its a very casual game to play against someone.