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Bonne Jenet tentacled

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Hi there my friend!

Here's my latest hentai mini game. A commission done for the very cool Hollywood31548.
Many thanks to him for sharing!! :)

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You should make more of these. Loved it through and through.

Some constructive criticism though:
1. Can still see her closed butthole through the tentacle while she's being sodomized.
2. I don't know if it's my player or the actual game, but it appears to be in medium-low quality pixel wise.
3. If you included a scene similar to this in a full-on RPG you'd be a legend. Dunno what you're planning with your life, but I hope with all hopes that you're planning a full release.

StudioPirrate responds:

thanks my friend!!
I know all too well the flaws of this mini-game but it's been released as is to its commissioner and we do not plan to rework / extend it so far... but maybe he'll change his mind !!
As for myself, I've improved a lot in my flash programming And in the next few months you'll have surely more of games like this to enjoy and with sound.

As for the pixeling problem, that is a new one to me so it might come from your computer or browser.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedbacks, they're much appreciated :)

im lisatening to mah nigguh while playing this

The only problem I have noticed is that when you choose the anal options is that you can still see her asshole while she 's getting fucked.

this isnt bad... its a sold minigame and has good animation and artistic style. the game layout isnt anything new but still straightforward and all the buttons work. if i might suggest for future works... maybe a little more interactivity. for example this game only had slow or fast speeds, maybe adding other speeds or different positions. maybe when the bar reaches maximum there would be other options like inside or out. just a few suggestions, but overall it was good!

StudioPirrate responds:

thanks my friend :)
I know it lacks many options to be a "real" game but this fits the desires of the original commissioner and his budget too :D
Anyway I'll keep those advices for futur personal projects where I can have more time and more freedom ;)
thanks a lot!

no sound ................ ?????????????????????

StudioPirrate responds:

nope sorry, I don't know how to do it (yet) and have no sound bases to use (yet) ;)