Snowy Day

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This game is an exploration sandbox-like game with a lot of snow.
The controls are for yourself to discover.

Note: This game has online features.
PS: Try a right click (and/or hold) on the ground.
PPS: If the game grows in popularity i might add new content.
PPPS: PC Download (recommended): http://dark-link.info/games/SnowyDay.zip

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throw us a god damn bone...

look exploration games are good i like Minecraft and Proteus, but those things have something this game does not. VISUALS, things to make us go ooooh ahhhh.

Walking around this endless angular sphere, is boring.
There is no indication of what you are supposed to do?
Nothing to find, nothing to explore, nothing, nothing...nothing.

BUT if that's what you want well then okay congrats you made a game about walking around an endless sphere.

I for one think this is glorious waste of time.
And for you to think that you can toss this empty wasteland at us, and tell us that you will give more content IF it gets popular... why not you, i ah gezze i don't know, GIVE US THE ACTUAL DAMN GAME.
Then we will see if its worthy of our attention.
Dude that strategy is worse then Capcom's DLC crap.

Come back when you actually have something to TRULY show us.

WiiPlayer2 responds:

I don't want to be rude or something but this game has enough content in its current state and I didn't want to go like "Yeah, I release DLC 'n' stuff!". It's just that i didn't want to spoil what this game has content wise otherwise I would have made thousands of tutorials (maybe not that many) on how you can do everything but since nobody's getting the point of this I'm afraid I don't want to work again on this anymore (at least for now).

Anyway, thanks for your feedback

There is not much playability in its present state, but the game looks promising as a framework for a trippy adventure game, maybe with elements of horror.
There's one graphic glitch: when you're looking at player's footprints in the distance, they seem to levitate over the ground. No other glitches or bugs found.

Well that was a weird game at first time. I have a good time making a snowman and other snowball sculpture, but I left this job quick. For exploration sandbox-like game this world is empty, there is no aim. Suggest to the player build snow bridges to the other planets or something like that.

I'm not entirely certain where I'm going or what I'm doing. The joy of discovery is certainly appealing here, but after finding the sun and moon and making a few things blossom in the ground with the right-click feature, I lost interest more quickly than I would have liked. The snow was a nice touch but I feel a bit more variety in the environment would improve this game.

Perhaps I missed something, because I couldn't make much sense of the map-type box in the lower right corner and I couldn't do much more than traverse the small globe. I liked the mechanics here, but feel that there was little else to do.

Guy, I don't know what a Unity Player is, but I shouldn't have to download it to play your game. :(

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2.00 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2015
11:10 AM EST
Adventure - Other