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Billionaire Blitz is the most addictive fusion of puzzle and strategy games. Link gemstones of the same color to mine them and make money. Upgrade the mining tools to make more money per gemstone. Invest the money into business and watch your money grow continuously as you mine. Reach the earning target as fast as possible to conquer the leaderboards!

Discover the strategy to millions, billions or trillions as fast as possible. The many strategic options beg the question: where should I invest my money first? upgrade the mining tools first, or buy a business first? When should you stop investing and let the continuous investment return catapult to your target? Will you be the first to find the fastest route to financial success?

As you make a made rush toward becoming a tycoon, beware of special events. Economic downturn, disaster and taxation can drain your hard earned money, but economic upturn, lottery win and tax return will bolster your coffer. Watch out for them!

Other features:
- Casual, familiar gameplay mechanic;
- Gorgeous Unity engine graphics and effects;
- 24 levels of mining tool upgrades;
- 12 business to investment, each with 3 levels of upgrade;
- 4 targets and 4 leaderboards: million, billion, trillion and quadrillion;
- Save anytime and resume later.

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I had to install something to play and this unity player still took a LONG time to load. Game has no mute. I couldn't get too far past it because i don't care for your crap music (no offense). I can't mute the NewGrounds tab independently like YouTube, so NG gets like a 2 star. But seriously your game took me a LOT of effort to even play and the lack of a simple mute button is really shortsighted. Every game has a mute button for the music and even the sound as a separate button.

ExK responds:

thank you for your interest. the music can be muted in the setting of the game. Also, the game serves as a demo of the android and iOS version of the full game. I hope you can try out those versions :).

Its a game i will give you that atleast, but its a beaten out concept, this kinda game has been around since before newgrounds and kongregate existed...
This is just an easy to make game, for making money.

ExK responds:

thank you for your feedback. I've been told this is the first game that combines casual linking game with business investment mechanic. If you find that I'm copying another game's concept, do let me know the name of that game.

it's a really beaten concept, you can find games like this anywhere, but it got a money system that leads to upgrades.. that leads to more money making.. that leads to...? to be honest, i couldn't really figure it out. there are upgrades to get to earn money and bonuses that pops around while you play, but i was in the game-zone so they passed by me as hit-score icon. making them more unique would help improve a little.

the game game is a repeater, and as far as i can make of it, it would do much better on an iphone and android, but if you got none of that, its also on newgrounds. in short i would place this beside angry birds, its a game you play while waiting. its enjoyable to work up a combo, but its not really something i would put hours and hours into.. it doesn't seem to have that much of a purpose.

2/5 - the music is enjoyable while playing and the art style is pretty. but this is not really something i would come back to after playing it once. not just because its not really my style of game, but because i don't really see the progress value in it, other than getting upgrades.

ExK responds:

hi funsoms, thank you for your review. BB is made for touch devices like android and iOS. Gem linking is much faster when played with your finger. The web version is just a demo.

BB is different from our close competitors. The objective of BB isn't to make more and more endlessly, but to compete on making a target money in the shortest possible time.

Currently, on Game Center, the fastest time to beat the Millionaire mode is 2.5 minutes.

Can you beat 2.5 minutes? That's where the challenge is.

Great concept and art, but some of the features make it suffer. I really like the combination of incremental and gem-connect games, but some of the things make it hard to like.

Flair- while special graphical effects help give any casual game a completed feel, the ones you chose diminish visibility, which is a huge problem. Swirling gems, fluttering money, and a glaring spotlight all get in the way of the player getting to actually play. Other than that, the graphics are perfect.

Events- similar to the flair visibility issues, the events disrupt the game more than they add to it. The bad events stay on screen far too long, easily avoidable but a huge nuisance, often halting play while waiting for them to pass. The good events are barely there at all, I think I only ever touched one, and it was an accident. The wheel is a safe middle, but having to click on it makes it several times harder to get, which doesn't make sense since it's equally good and bad. The speed of the wheel is also an issue, since the time it takes actually makes it statistically worse. At this point, no events at all would make a better game.

Investments- I liked the visual cue of how smaller buildings means smaller investments, but scrambling them out of order on the map without clear signs as to their linear progression is a hassle, making us inspect each element just to find out what comes next.

Game Modes - I don't give a damn about leaderboards, and I find it difficult to believe that many people do. I just want to play it the way I'd like to: as an endless incremental, amassing unlimited wealth. So why should I play the game three or four times to get to that mode? It's a literal setback.

ExK responds:

[EDIT: we've published the latest build. We've considerable slowed down the fly-by of boon events and boosted their frequency!]

norat, we appreciate your feedback!

Flair - So far, fans who love the flashiness form the majority. we'll continue to collect feedback on this aspect.

Events - Your view belongs to the majority. The speed of the good and bad events will be further tuned in the next update. As for the wheel event, time stops when you're playing it, so there is no penalty.

Investments - The so called 'scrambling' out is to present a more realistic layout of a little town. This is not a spreadsheet game like our close competitors.

Game Modes - BB is not *that* kind of game. The goal of this game, is to find out who has figured out the right strategy to reach the goal in the shortest amount of time. The player is encouraged to tune their strategies using the millionaire and billionaire modes. Once formulated, they can test it out with the higher modes. On the Game Center leaderboard, a player is able to reach Millionaire in 2.5 minutes. That beats our in-house best time of 5 minutes, and we're still trying to figure out how to achieve that.

We take into consideration your interest in an 'infinite wealth' game. We'll explore this territory in the future :)

Thanks for writing!

THE most addicting fusion? ;) Could've had a bit humbler a description! But it is addicting. Fun, rewarding, upgrading; easy to catch on and continue playing. Would've been cool with official leaderboards though, integrated with the NG API so you can compete with other users here, etc. Good game!


ExK responds:

thank you very much cyberdevil. the web version is just a demo because the game is best played with finger, seriously! for the android and iOS version, we've leaderboards and achievements! join us please!

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2.50 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2015
9:00 AM EST
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 5th Place January 18, 2015