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Couplinked is an unforgiving action-arcade game with a unique control system. Control two different nodes with two different fingers all while trying to collect rings and avoid obstacles. Now, the keyword there is “trying”. Did we mention that it’s difficult? Couplinked is DIFFICULT.
Oh, and the nodes are connected by lightning. But don’t worry! With two gameplay modes, a custom level editor, and over fifty designed campaign levels, your tears of frustration will soon be washed away by the pure joy of knowing that everyone else sucks too. That’s right. You’re not alone, champ. We’re here for you. We’re building a community, thriving off the tears of others. Through the good and the bad, the thick and the thin, rest assured. You’ll probably only be crying for the first day or so. It’ll get better. You know Couplinked will treat you right. Long walks on the beach, two fingers, two nodes. Awwww yeahhhhh.

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Assez astucieux et agréable, nous voilà face à un jeu qui demande de la patience et une bonne synchronisation des deux mains. Un plaisir!

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V06UuWJXpRs

Pretty fun, but the frustration comes from the controls (is my left guy the wasd, or the arrow keys?), which is something that could be addressed. Maybe some sort of indication which ball is which, etc, as well as some sort of UI indication if you're dangerously close to a "wrong" matching ball.

Nice music, and also why isn't the bottom half of the screen used?

VOXStudios responds:

The game was a mobile port, so the unused space is where your thumbs would be originally. I previously had visual indication of which hand/controls controlled which node, but people complained about them so they were removed.

its tough 5 for music and 4 for nice gameplay

naah.. not my kind of game.

Simple but really nice game. Very hard but addictive.
To me it is a bit weird that the area in wich you can move the circles is smaller than the screen, maybe you could put a line to mark the limit.
The music is awesome.
Good job!

VOXStudios responds:

That was just one of the side effects of porting it over from mobile. That's where your thumbs would go for the controls originally. I'll see if I'm able to fix that in this version. Thanks for the feedback!