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Words All Around

rated 2.83 / 5 stars
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Jan 14, 2015 | 11:03 AM EST

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Author Comments

Words All Around is a new highscores word search game! The game contains 6 different game modes and global leaderboards (you can compare your score with other people all around the world)

How to play: Press and hold the left mouse button and move over 3-10 adjacent letters to create a word! Release the left mouse button to submit the word! The game recognizes if the word exists or not. Get the best score possible and submit it to see who is the best in finding the words! Remember, longer words = better score! You can submit your score whenever during the gameplay by pressing the X button in the top left corner.

Game modes:
- Classic - you have exactly 180 seconds to get the best score possible!
- Challenge - each word created from 5+ letters will add new letters, otherwise the letters will be removed.
- 20 Words - you are limited by 20 words, get the best score possible!
- 10 Words - you are limited by 10 words, get the best score possible!
- 60 Letters - you can create words from 60 letters on screen only. Get the best score possible!
- Fair Play - the same as 60 letters, but all the players get the same letters to play with!

- 6 game modes
- global leaderboards included - compare your score with other people all around the world - no registration required
- great fun for the whole family
- review your words at the end of the game
- review the score of other people - press the TROPHY icons in the game menu



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Assez intéressant dans les faits, cependant rien ne donne plus envie de foncer dans le jeu car cela manque quand même pas mal d'originalité et d'esthétique.

my video review:


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I was playing in "Fair play" mode. "True" is apparently not a word. Is this true?

shajby responds:

thanks for bug report, it has just been fixed!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ok, just because no one else mentioned it.. In the 60 letters, challenge, and fair play rounds when the letters are gone there are still invisible letters that can be used to make words. Giving a person essentially infinite letters for what is supposed to be a limited game. Making you only as limited as you are willing to keep mapping the letters (pretty easy in excell). I discovered this by accident (as I am sure did the other person whose score is obviously too high to be real). Didn't really play through the other modes. It seems like a pretty standard word search game and otherwise not too bad and not other problems I noticed. One suggestion, however, would be to kill the 'wa wa' sound when a person chooses to end a game. The only time I would use that particular sound is if it reflects a persons failure to make it onto the leader board or if a person tries to make an unacceptable word(which it currently just reflects that you chose to end a game).

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shajby responds:

Hi there..thanks for a bug report, I just fixed it and the new version is uploaded!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good start...
Hopefully this feedback is constructive and helpful. First, I would simply like to see more detail in the overall design feeling of the game - more polish. Allow me to try to elaborate on what I mean. Music. in my opinion, is always a nice extra feature (even if it's on mobile , I don't see what that has to do with it). Simply more/"shinier" animations and graphics - or to put that another way - more happening visually (what points are each letter worth? can this be shown on the tiles? etc.)
-The letters are too random, with, in my opinion, not enough uncommon ones, so forming complicated and interesting words, not to mention higher scores, is ultimately too difficult and the enjoyment decreases. (although, understandably, fixing this could be quite a challenging feat of programming)
-I would like to see hexagon tiles...! :D (because it was indeed a bit difficult to move diagonally) and maybe then some animation with a little arrow that pops up showing the path (which could be part of my aforementioned point about "shiny" graphics) :)

...The problem with single letter tiles (I guess maybe for the English language) is that often to make (complex and interesting) words you really need prefixes and suffixes and letter groups like "-ing", "-ough", "-tion", "para-", "uni-" etc.

Anyways, as I said, good start - solid foundation. I had fun with it for a bit.

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shajby responds:

Thanks for great comments..I will take them in consideration when creating next game :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game, flawless mechanics and simple to grasp.
How ever you could add a bit of elevator music (Thinking Music or whatever you want to call it.) as well as smaller tiles. ( I felt it was hard to move diagonally)

shajby responds:

Hi, thank you a lot for good comments! The game is primarily targeted for phones/mobiles, thatsway there is no music and the tiles are bigger.